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    Says he who started a post entitled "3.9 seconds my arse". Way to talk about being anal.
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    actually i was talking to you
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    What kind of tires? Slicks? A 7000 rpm clutch dump? LOL I doubt The Z06 can pull a 3.9 seconds on the street tires that come new on the car from the dealer. Just my opinion.
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    i think thath the vette could pull 3.9 but you would have to do the clutch less shifting. also u probubly wouldent be able to do thath time consistanly.also a drivers the a variable.
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    The thing to do is get a gtech meter, www.gtechpro.com, rather than relying on magazine and Internet information which is generally the result of a factory supplied vehicle with a professional driver, a drizzle of fuel in the gas tank to remove weight,and brand new tires, or tires better than factory equipment. I base my thoughts of my previous post on testing of personal testing of a 2001 Z06. A friend of mine has one of these 405 HP beasts. It is a quick car for a stock vehicle. We tested the 0-60 times with the two of us in the car which will add time because of my extra 175lbs. The car ran low 5 second times from 0 to 60 with about a 3500 rpm clutch dump, feathering the throttle briefly for tire spin until hook up and decent 1 to 2 shift, 65F day at about 1000ft above sea level. With me hopping out of the car and draining the weight of the fuel, I don't see the car doing better than mid to high 4 second 0-60 times if even that. 3.9 just isn't going to happen with a car off the show room floor.

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    You know what really gets me, people who try and be all informative about cars when they really have no clue about what they're saying. A lot of people I know think that the 2002 Z06 can't do 0-60 in 3.9. That's where they're wrong. I own a Z06 and it does go as fast as GM says it does. It's acually so quick that sometimes I believe that I went faster than 3.9. I guess it all depends on the driver!

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    why do many magazines claim mid-lower 4 secs?
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    The '02 Z06 is def. capable of 4.0-4.2 sec 0-60 runs consistantly, and people who are better at shifting can probably pull of sub-4 sec. times. This is a no brainer when you look at the stats from the base model corvettes in any other magazine. Consistantly both Motor Trend and Car & Driver test the base model corvettes at 4.5-4.7 second to 60 times, saying that the range is due to the driver and driving conditions. With that said, a car putting out 55 more hp and 30 more torque with a 295 tire in the back (as opposed to 275 on the base) and slightly lighter, is def. able to make a half second better run to 60 (not to mention the LS6 power band is not only more pwoerful, but longer than the LS1).
    And as for saying its only capable of 3.9 sec. runs with fumes in the gas tank and slicks on the back... one- they only test cars with a full tank of gas, read a magazine article and look at the test conditions. and 2- have you ever seen a 295/35 tire? it is plenty big enough for 400 lb-ft of torque with a near 50/50 weight distribution, also with a limited-slip diferential, and traction control (turning that off is normally faster, unless you suck at starts). So try and know your shit before opening your mouth, the 02' Corvette Z06 is 100% capable of sub-4 sec 0-60 runs, and at a little over $50k by far the best stock sports car deal you can get.

    If anyone thinks that any of my information is wrong or off, just let me know which you think is and ill explain it better, but the fact of the matter those specs are correct and anyone who doesnt believe it or doesnt think so, doesnt know enough about the topic at hand, or about the cars in general, to put in thier two cents.
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    umm people just a question how do u clutchless shift?? wont that do a lot of wear and tear on the car?
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    it basically involves putting it into gear at the exact moment when the engine rpm's coincide with the gear you want and the speed your traveling, i do it in my truck all the time when i get lazy and dont feel like using the clutch. However, clutchless shifting under full throttle takes a little more skill than i have.
    Just as long as you do it right it doesnt do anything to hurt the car, infact its less wear and tear on the clutch, since your not using it.
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    It's all about the weather conditions. All cars perform best in cold weather, dry roads, and slightly humid air. This can do it. Now you know.
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    who the #$%# cares. if one person can do it 1 time, yipee for him. these are pro drivers on a ful drag strip (which= tons mroe grip than normal). youd be lucky to pull a 5 flat on normal conditions.

    about you owning one and it being able to do less than 3.9, you fail. you dont own one, it cant do under 3.9, and you arent a better driver than the motor trend boys.
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    a lot of magazine tested it with a 4,5 sec 0-100 km/h so i dont think a 0-60 mi/h ,
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    How come the Zo6 has 405 Hp and goes 0-60 in 3.9 sec and the viper has like 500 i think and it goes 0-60 in 3.9, the corvette is designed much better then the viper like weight and weight distribution, but imagine if the corevtte has 500-560 hp it would go 0-60 in like 3.6 sec the viper srt-10 is just a big ass boat with 500 hp that thing wouldent handle good for shit
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    Why would you want to shift without the clutch, isn't that bad for the car? better call aamco
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    They don't have to be good to the car. They just want a once off figure as low as possible so as to sell more cars.

    It's still a pretty damned quick time though.

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