3.9 seconds my arse

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    to the geezer who keeps telling me that the track temparature matters, for the last time, I KNOW IT DOES, but it is out of the drivers hands, it isnt something that can be controlled like torque and tyre width/diameter/compound.
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    yeah, but that is still #$%#ing fast! i still respect this car
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    And based solely on that you claim Chevy is lying? Face it, it's been achieved. Chevy can't lie about the car's performance.
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    4.5 seconds or maybe a bit faster would be about right for this car. also to that khari geezer a lot of the stats given by the companies that make the car are wrong (performance wise) not all but a lot of them. jaguar are lyers about their xkr and xk8, ferrari are lyers with the enzo and there are many more. im not saying that chevy are backstabbing lyers, but theres a chance. at the end of the day they are promoting their car, trying to show you why you should buy their car. of course some of them are going to lie.
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    Ferrari said 3.5, how exactly did they lie? Much faster numbers have even been achieved by a variety of magazines. Underestimating the performance of a car isn't lying. If a number is released as a performance figure (as opposed to an estimate) it must be a viable number. No two ways about it.
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    Of course the car was broken in, Chevy puts in thousands upon thousands of testing miles on the cars, performance testing and otherwise. It probably was in slightly better condition than the cars passed from magazine to magazine, which are usually in pretty rough shape.
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    ok thats the ferrari explained now for the jag, lotus elise etc. plus i am not an american i am english.
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    I don't know what Jaguar claims for the XKR or the XK8, and this is the first time that I've seen the Elise brought up. It's pretty simple. Just because a number quoted by a company has yet to be achieved, does not mean they are lying. As you said, at the end of the day they are promoting their cars, and they will take the best car available to them from which to quote their figures. Then, a less than admiral version of that same car -complaints about clutch problems are very common among testers- is passed among the magazines, each wearing the car down further.

    Also, many owners have run their Z06 to those times and faster, with sub 12s in the 1/4 all but uncommon.
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    of course, 1/4 mile times are the most important thing arent they to americans. now i want to ask you a question khari because i am quite intrigued by this wierd american car culture thing. now i have it in my head that america is covered with drag strips and as soon as you guys get a new car (fast car), you take it down to your closest drag strip and find out the quarter mile time and not only that but every week you keep going back to try to improve on your times, because you say for example that sub 12 seconds is all but uncommon. how would you know, are you one of these americans who is always down the drag strip?
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    For starters, I'm not American either. And, unlike yourself, I won't claim to know how they think. I only mentioned the sub 12 second 1/4 mile times because we were discussing straight line acceleration. That I have seen firsthand a couple Corvettes run in the 11s, and have heard about many more says nothing of my interests. I haven't been to a track or dragstrip for at least a year.

    Also, if you think trying repeatedly to better a quartermile time is pathetic, you should at least realize that your European magazines do so as well.
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    Then if that's what they claim and if it's true, then why hasn't any road testers or whatever you want to call them, why havn't they achieved the claimed times of Chevy of 3.9
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    The information is readily available on Corvette Z06 owner forums.
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    not every week but if you wanted to yes
    pretty much no matter where in america you are there is a place to test your car at within one to two hours away
    there is a drag strip and a nascar track within a 5-10 minute drive from my house
    i've seen new Zo6's get in high 11's
    one had a mass airflow sensor and headers and bigger exhaust and it got into the mid to low 11's pretty consistantly

    there are these 2 snowmobiles that run on the strip by my house and both of them can get into the low 9's and one got an 8.87
    its crazy (sorry that was kinda random but still cool, yes?)
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    well ya 6th gear has a high ratio but 1st and 2nd dont. They also have these great things called 6 speeds buddy.(they acually make things like 3.9 and 178 possible)
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    numebr of gears means absolutely nothing. you fail life. most classic cars had 3 and 4 speeds, but were still fast.
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    Look, it's not that complicated. Well, actually, it's EXTREMELY complicated, but the concept is quite simple. Think of it like a speed limit. What is a speed limit? It is NOT a recommended speed, nor a guide, nor a minimum (as some people would like to believe), but it is a LIMIT. The MAXIMUM possible speed that is safe to travel at on this road in the BEST possible conditions.

    Same deal with 0-60 times. The times that companies quote is the BEST they have EVER achieved in absolutely ideal conditions. Another post before explained the driver technique requires to do so, which often includes clutchless changes. A high track temperature but low ambient temp helps tractions and engine power respectively. Less fuel on board means less weight and inertia to move. Perhaps there was a legal tailwind (is there such a thing?). Remember that factory tests will use a car that is both run-in and pristine, where mags may get a car missing a few hp or with some slip in the drivetrain due to abuse. Factory tests are also going to be more brutal than anyone, even mags, is willing to be with the car because not only can they build themselves another one, they are also aware of all the engineering tolerances of the relevant parts and therefore how hard to push them. So you are right and wrong. You are right to say that times put forward by factories should be questioned, and right to observe that in 99% of cases the factory number is NEVER replicated. However, you are wrong to suggest they might be lying - as has been said many times in this forum, they will not quote a time they have not achieved.
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    Ummm... the C5 hatchback capable of 4.0sec 0-60 times?? sure... here are the conditions the day that happened:

    *Ambient Temperature: 57F
    *Track Temperature: 95F
    *Car Status: exhaust removed, no intake filter
    *Driver: Jesus H. Christ

    But as I recall the actuall time was 4.1sec... But maybe the driver was no good... <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
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    Let me break it down for you, frenchie... America is the land of infinite 8-12 lane highways, and not nearly enough police to monitor all of that gorgeous asphault. If you are not American, you are European, Japanese, or dirt-freakin-poor (in which case you need not worry about any of this, since your donkey cart will not do 60MPH <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>). If you are european or japanese, then you live life in a butt-hole-to-belly-button existence, and that's just too bad for you. I can not help but notice that every european car magazine I have read states the tested performance result as being obscenely poor, which leads me to believe that all of this crowded existence has spawned an enormous number of weak drivers, or the general poverty makes you guys baby the clutch...either way BLEH! on you... Stop bad-mouthing americans (australians are obsessed with car-culture too!) and go feed your donkey or spit-shine your diesel-powered VW polo!!

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    to whoever said the thing about the torque curve read this http://www.v8914.com/Horsepower-v-torque.htm it is very interesting and i don't know how much it has to do with what you said but it shows alot.
  20. I live in NJ, about 15 minutes away from Raceway Park in Manalapan. I can testify without a doubt that the corvette has run sub 12 second 1\4 and 0-60 in the 3.9-4.0. There is this old guy that is out here every weekend with his black Z06. I got it on my camera but i can't get it on to my computer. If i can, ill post a link so you can all see the 1\4 and 0-60.

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