3 spring suspension

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Vision K2, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. what is it and how does it work. What does the 3rd spring do?
  2. It is for race cars that produce lots of aerodynamic downforce. With two springs each one corresponds to each wheel, one spring for each wheel. A third springs has a linkage so that the spring works when both sides of the suspensions are compressed. They need this because downforce increases with speed, so as the speed increases the increase downforce compresses the suspension. This can cause the suspension to bottom out, which is very bad. So you could either run two very stiff springs so that it will not bottom out or you could run a third spring that will only work when the suspension is compressed on both sides.
  3. What types of race cars use the 3rd spring, I see some of the LMP cars use them, what about F1?
  4. most F1 car now uses 3rd spring, the idea of seperating ride control in bump and roll is obviously very tempting for anyone to try it out....and it provides a rather elegant solution to aerodynamic preload that's experienced by today's high downforce racer.....

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