~3 weeks in North America.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by christofurr, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. So my job's almost done here and I have up to 3 weeks to #$%# around.
    Where should I go?
    What should I do?
  2. San fransicso. Let your inner gay run free
  3. My inner gay's been going fine in West Hollywood.
  4. Chicago because duh
  5. I currently have places to stay in New Orleans, possibly New York and Toronto. Was considering flying to NO, driving to NY and not much else.
  6. you'd fit better in Montreal than Toronto IMO
  7. cooler people in montreal?
  8. dunno, just by judging from your pics/posts/shits I think you'd have a better time here.

    But again, in all honesty, I don't know Tdot as much as I know Montreal.

  9. salt lake city BABY
  12. Recommend some good places to stay in Chicago that fit the budget of a poor asshole.
  13. Rob's couch.
  14. CR's couch.
  15. cooch*

    too far?
  16. it only goes too far if you say in inches how much too far you went there haha
  17. Go way down south. Way down to Mexico way. Where you can be free.
  18. Are European dicks measured in cm, or are inches pretty universal?
  19. we measure in cm, but we'll never forget lil kim's "under 7 inches *HONK* sorry"

    edit: I think that was from method of mayhem's 'get naked'
  20. Quit auctioning off my cooch centimeters, guys.
  21. Hell yeah! There's me, that's more than enough reason to come here.

    Oh! There's also that xDRANOX dude, but I'm way cooler.
  22. No but really, come to Chicago. You already bailed on meeting us in Atlanta, you owe us now.
  23. And me in LA.

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