~3 weeks in North America.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by christofurr, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. What dates are you in Toronto?

    I would be down to meet up for sure. I'll look into couch as well, but I have a roommate so it might be hard to swing the deal.

    But let meet up for some drinks and take photos of eachother on medium formatted films.
  2. Livingsocial.com, groupon.com. You can get pretty good discounts on different kind of events. It may be worth taking a look for things in the areas you're going to.
  3. I'm not 100% sure. Maybe around the 25th-26th? Still gotta work out driving times etc.
    I have an old school friend who's shacked up there now who's invited me to sleep on his couch.

    I also only have 35mm Leica filmés to shoot on but I do have an Instax 210 and I love to drink so that'll do.
  4. ok sounds good. Keep me informed and i'd be down to meet up for sure
  5. theres a good possibility he may bail on you at the last second so don't get your hopes up.
  6. there is that too!

    i have a complicated work schedule!!
  7. You can crash at my place. Whisky not required.

    Though if you pick up some russian river corked and caged beers in california, I'd gladly take those!
  8. while this is true I am still going to bust your balls for a while about it.
  9. hit me up if you end up in new york
  10. This is perfect.

    You can help us move.
  11. Yeah, we'll have a vacant apartment for you to live in. Just bring your own furniture.
  12. Can we have a slumber party?
  13. you're doing what now?
  14. I actually enjoy helping people move.

    It looks like my work here is wrapping a week early meaning I may be getting into Chicago a week earlier than expected. Dates will be a little more crystal tomorrow morning when I have time to process how little time I have to plan this trip.

    If you want some heavy shit moved a week in advance, I'm your man.
  15. I'll bring the Sprite.

    OK, so now looks like I'll maybe be getting to Chicago some time around the 25-27th for a couple of nights.
  16. Moving closer to the loop.
  17. Got a wedding to go to on the 27th, but otherwise you're still welcome to stay here. I'm off all day friday (the 25th) and can pick you up from planeport if necessary.
  18. Nice!
    I'm hoping to leave Chicago back for LA on the 26th, maybe 27th now that things are becoming a little clearer. Might limit my time in New York a little more (gonna drive from NY to Chicago via Toronto at this stage) as I've been there before and want some time on the road/in new cities.
    We may have to spend some time on the Friday showcasing a few local beers.
  19. times up
    get out
  20. Travel agents HATE HIM
  21. ha do travel agents even exist any more
  22. I have someone book my flights for me.
    Travel agents HATE her (making her change my flights home for the 4th time).
  23. let us know when you come through Canada. I'm sure we can attempt to put a meet together as well if you have time.
  24. Well I'm thinking of flying to Boston, or Portland, Maine now, and driving from there to Chicago. I could drive North, catch up with you funny-speaking Canadians, before heading South-West...
  25. friendship or actual business? if the latter, I'm interested in this as well, I like me some extra flexibility

    edit: I normally don't use agents at all btw

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