~3 weeks in North America.

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  1. Lemme know if torontk is still in the plan. Ideally via facebook
  2. iTunes decided to select "Codpiece Connection" on shuffle

    made me go "wat".
  3. Omg im actually loling in bed. Sorry you had to hear it. But also can yku send me it! You are like the king of archive
  4. Not gonna lie, I lol'd too. Just the title of the track had me laughing in real.

    I'll send it when I get home this afternoon.
  5. Actual business. So far I've changed my flights home on her about 4 times, so I should probably buy her some chocolate on the way back.
  6. Will do. It's largely a definite now. Will possibly be some time mid-week next week, but tbc seeing as I'll be leisurely driving there.
  7. OK y'all.

    I'm flying to New York over night tonight and arriving there around noon tomorrow. The plan is to get a rental car and drive straight up to Maine for 2-3 nights. Then I'll be taking a couple of days to get to Toronto, where I'll stay for 2-3 nights. Still haven't figured out where I'll end up. Might pop into Chicago briefly but I'm not sure if I want to drop the rental off there and fly back, or drive back to New York so save on the huge relocation fee.

    Also accepting advice on good cheap rental car companies.
  8. Not sure if ZipCar might be a good subsitute for a traditional rental car service like Avis, Hertz, Budget, etc. but it's worth a look.
  9. Whats your date(s) for toronto?
  10. I'm in boston but if you'll be up here over the next few days I'll probably be working every dya
  11. I'm in Providence right now ^_^
    Might stay here a second night (awesome city) but was tempted to drive to Boston today.
  12. I'm planning to be there by Tuesday evening (going to go to the Bluejays game with an old friend from home) so should be there for 2, hopefully 3 nights if he doesn't mind.
  13. Ok if youre down, get in tocich on facebook and we can meet up
  14. I would also be up for this if you guys want company
  15. Sounds good y'all. Possibly Wednesday or Thursday some time, but I'll know a little closer to then.
  16. Im off tuesday and work wednesday and thursday from 1-9:30ish in the evening
  17. What's your situation over the next 2-3 days? I'm in Rochester now (about to leave) and likely going to grab a beer with Timmy if I get across the border in time this afternoon. I'll be kicking about Toronto for a few days, though.
  18. I'm mostly screwed with large jobs unfortunately. I won't be able to make it to Toronto unless I forgo sleep. if you're coming through Niagara Falls border give me a call and we can grab some sort of beverage. shall pm you my digits after posting this
  19. So you coming through chicago or no?
  20. I got pulled back to LA to finish some stuff up early ;_;
    Fly back to NZ tonight ;_;

    There will be a next time, though.

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