30 bhp per liter

Discussion in '1952 Chrysler ‘Thomas Special’ Prototype' started by speedymuthafukka, Aug 9, 2002.

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    If any of you guys did any sort of offroading you would know that its not HP that gets you through tough stuff. Ive got a 140 HP Toyota 4x4 and I can climb up any hill, go through 3 feet of snow, or 3 feet of mud I have showed up lots of big 4x4s by going through stuff they couldnt it all depends on how much traction you get and traction is achieved through the proper distribution of power. Ever rode a tractor? They have around 165 HP with torque over 500 or 600 ft lbs and it is almost impossible to get a tractor stuck, besides you ever see a Hummer on a 1/4 or do you see one climbing up a steep slope? Dang it people bhp doesnt matter on this thing.<!-- Signature -->

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