3000kph!! WOW

Discussion in '2000 Hartge V8' started by yungcarfreak, May 28, 2003.

  1. wow thats a pretty dam fast car..the person hu was typin this musta been careless
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    More than likely, they typoed. It should probably be only 300 kph, which is still very fast.
  3. Re: 3000kph!! WOW

    you killed it
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    300kph is still pretty fast for this car. but 3000 is definately a mistake, only a retard would believe it.
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    german gearing. man i ll tell ya...
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    why would it be a mistake? of course 3000km/t is right!

    i love sarcasm... you're a spoilsport, do you know that? and you shouldnt call people retarded because there are people who ARE and they cant do anything about it. retarded is an insult people who have no conscience use.

    3000km/t BMW may be closer than you think...
  7. Come on... who believed it?
  8. Damn, screw an F22 Lightning Jet, you can outrun it with ease in this car!

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