300ZX TT, stock motor--- 10.74 @ 127.39mph

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by The Drift God, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. And you with 500whp don't even come close to low 11s.
  2. And get beat by a FWD W-body hitting low 11s on 400 FWHP at the same weight of his car at the track..
  3. Almost as big. For a joke people used to suff a bananna in somebodies tail pipe. With a supra owner it takes at least a acntalope, eggplant or pumpkin.

    But I'm sure some supra owners stuff the bananna's somewhere else.
  4. You believe some writeup trying to sell a car over ebay rather than people who have been to the track and seen therse cars, talked to z32 owners, and tuned cars? Good lord.
    I guarantee you there is no Z32 running mid 11s with exhaust and a boost controller only. Why dont you go tell them over at some 300zx forums about it? They'd laugh in your face. It wont happen. How come all the other basic bolt on/stock turbo 300zx with ET streetsdrag radials are only running 12s then (99% of the time)?
    I've been to the track countless times and have talked to 300zx guys, 2 that were in the 10s, and have seen what you have to do. Low 11s isnt going to happen on stock turbos with no nitrous, let alone on street tires! If you have any real experience with cars, you can't honestly believe this.
  5. What's that you say? Absolutely no proof of the BS you two have been spouting off? Amazing.

    Here's a little tidbit of information for you...an engine is an air pump...the better you can get air in and out of the car, the more power you'll make and the quicker you'll make it. When you make horsepower, you need a big exhaust.

    Obviously that doesn't pertain to your car, but if someday you do have an impressive car that can get out of it's own way, you might want to remember that.
  6. Aww poor guy...nothing more to say? No more bullshit 'examples'? Just swing from superlative's nutsack and call it a day. Excellent choice.

    It's so much fun proving people wrong about the car they own. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. Are you done? If you two are through making childish comments when you can't back up your fantasies with evidence, we can all get back to an objective discussion here.
  8. An objective discussion on SC.net? Good luck with that one.
  9. It's much easier when people actually post facts instead of idiocy, you should try it sometime.
  10. Impossible of him, he doesn't even know if the brake fluid he buys is DOT3 or DOT5.
  11. it's wilwood, with a name like that you can be assured that it's high quality.

    But than again you mod your car with pepboys shit and thrifty mesh grilles
  12. Which is solid proof you are nothing more than a ricer. You don't know jack shit about cars at all. You buy on name alone, you don't research shit.

    #$%# even my ex knew the difference between DOT3 and DOT5 and how to identify the two..
  13. Now we know you are lying. With the way you look there is no way you have an ex.

    I don't have to research, if my brand of rotors are used on race cars they will work for mine. If my brake fluid is used in race cars it will work for mine. If my motor oil is used in race cars it will work on mine.

    Unlike you I don't have to research I exersize commone sense, but than again I can actually afford to mod my car with quality componets. You on the other hand spend your mod money on speakers and ground nets, but I bet you have pages of "research" that tell you "how" to mod your car if you could afford it.

    I also don't call out people on the internet with cars that have 300+WHP more than mine and call their car slow and overweight.....that would make me look like a sorry internet bench racer like you. the last thing I want is to look anything like you.

    lol...that is a pretty funny read <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  14. "I don't have to research, if my brand of rotors are used on race cars they will work for mine. If my brake fluid is used in race cars it will work for mine. If my motor oil is used in race cars it will work on mine."

    Many race cars also incorporate an open wheel design, why don't you go take a Sawzall to your fenders? It works on race cars, it has to work on a 300ZXTT!!

    Silly ricer.
  15. you drive a race car used by a company for development of their products, why don't you give me your expert opinion on set-up. I should go to pepboys and have them fine tune it for me because everybody knows the highest grade mechanics work at pepboys.

    So what you saying in your post is that products that are used in race cars are unacceptable for other cars? Is that due to the lack of research companies like brembo, JWT, stillen and HKS have for product development? i mean unlike where you buy your parts they don't ask for my car to test them out first.

    I have 508WHP you have 160WHP and I'm the ricer? LOL
  16. Just because it is used in a race does not automatically mean it is usable in your car. That is where you need to do some research, oh my #$%#ing god, there is that dreaded word again.

    You know top fuel dragsters use nitromethane and methanol gas mixtures, why don't you go make up a tank of that and tell us how well this "race gas" turns out for you, if you survive the explosion.

    Just so you know, by large, the vast majority of the technicians and service advisors for Pep Boys company wide come from former dealership positions. So the same people who recommend you buy this shit at the Porsche dealer, are the same people your seeing behind the counter and out in the shop at Pep Boys.

    Yes you are the ricer, ricer is a mentality, you have that mentality and the fact that you turn very high elevens on 500+ RWHP is quite sad. Even the 03 Cobra made mid-11s on nothing more than a set of drags on the stock wheels on the back and pulley swap hitting right about 350 RWHP if memory serves.
  17. Hum...in the 80's Forced induction F1 cars used a mix of 80% toluene in their gas. Today octane is raised and lowered by toulene content. The only difference between 85 and 100 octane gas is the amount of toluene in their gas. You know the NOS octane additive that you buy every week? yeah...That's moastlty toluene.

    My friends roomie happens to know the store manager at the local pepboys, that would be the equilivent of your boss. His wages are shit. You are telling me that The guy at the porsche dealer working on $50K car are just like you? So they also would snap off a headbolt installing something as simple as a ground net?

    I bet the same thing goes for the local Ferrari dealership..they all got their training at manny, moe and jack university and are 100% qualified to work on $200K cars.

    Face it the best car you have worked on was a celice with a SAFC.

    BTW a ricer is one who mods a car liek a civic......a stock civic SI is faster than your car so what is there that's lower than a ricer?

    Because I am not used to launching a 500WHP car with a twin disk clutch and slicks I'm a ricer.

    yeah...that's brimming with intellect.
  18. I've broken a bolt, you've broken plenty more bolts and shattered a metal blow-off valve into 16 pieces, glued it back together and don't know the difference between DOT3 and DOT5 brake fluid or what OEM stands for.

    What is a "celice". Actually best car I have worked on to date would be between a track queen Z06 and a 78 308 GTS.

    There is no Manny, Moe and Jack University, there is ASE in which MM&J reimburse you for the costs if you pass (You wouldn't even pass the Parts/Service Pro). There are also manufacturer specific certifications which we are also reimbursed for.
  19. You're arguing with someone who can't even win ONE argument about his own car. Don't sweat it.
  20. I built an engine and my only casuality was 2 manifold studs

    You installed a ground net and broke a bolt. umm yeah....LOL

    *celica, sorry I just bought a new computer and I'm getting used to the keyboard....did I mention I didn't have to put it on lay-a-way.

    BS so a guy with a corvette race car gets it worked on at pepboys............that's a lie.

    Yeah i built an engine I could never make it through an ASE course.

    But hey, you change oil on minivans all day.

    LOL I'm a ricer.
  21. You've also broken off exhaust/turbo manifold bolts.

    Broke a pliable bolt, yes. Look up the term pliable, because I know its not ringing any bells in that empty head of yours.

    Lay-a-way, what is that? Something with people who are 6 and 7-digits in debt?

    Yes he brought it in for an alignment, at the time we had a dedicated alignment tech that had been doing alignments and adjustments when dropping the plum line was the only way.

    Yeah you built an engine and don't know how to tell whether brake fluid is DOT3 or DOT5... sure..
  22. Its funny how you insult people, but the real kicker here is that the only joke here is you.
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  24. I dont own a Z32, dumbass.
    Now I know why I left these forums long ago, 50% of the members here act like a 10 year old that just got called a baby. People warned me not to come here because there is no structure and that most people on here were brain dead, but nooo me being the one that gives every forum a shot joins and for no apparent reason is insulted because of another asshole that thinks they know everything. Well its back to MCT/MCO/SCF/DRO for me. Have a nice life<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  25. Most people don't leave, they get banned from here. So which member were you that got banned after getting turned out for saying you owned a car you did not?

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