300ZX TT, stock motor--- 10.74 @ 127.39mph

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  1. the sad part is you sit around here and #%[email protected] about stupid shit like this, with kids under 19 years of age, like a grab-assin queer.
  2. You have to be the biggest #$%#ing moron on here. I posted 2 times that the car was not built for autoX and actually yes my 98 cobra did come stock with around 320hp. Stock it ran 13.8-13.6 and with the mod chip it turned out 13.1
  3. You picked a 350Z over a Miata and said the Miata isnt worth it for Autox. To boo#$%#ingbad that the Miata is one of the most dominant AutoX car and will make rings around that dog of a 350Z.
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  5. My feiance? I'm not sure what that is.

    Just a tip....don't use words you can't spell.
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    I'm calm, just trying to let you in on the truth. I'm not narrow minded, just stop being a fanboy. I'm friends with many Z owners, Z31 and Z32 alike, (and some z33's). I don't want to hear your mindless dribble spouting off like you know what the hell you're talking about...because I hate to break it to you...you don't.

    I own a parts company and I'm a tuner and parts manager for a performance shop, don't act like I only deal with one brand of cars, you name the engine, and from your 5 or so posts that I've read, I probably know more about it than you.

    Go ahead sparky, make my day. Show me a 1000whp all boost Z32. I'm sure my Z fanatic friends would LOVE to see the dyno.

    I actually just confirmed with one of my buddies who has a rather quick Z32:

    "Hey man, question, are there any low 9 second street Z32s? Manual or Auto doesn't matter"

    Him: "not only no...but fu*k no"

    "Isn't the highest all boost Z32 811 right now...through HKS GT2835s?"

    Him: "yep, I believe so"

    Ok then Mr. Fairlady, why don't you show me where these hidden Z's are. I'd love to see them. Why don't YOU get over yourself. Here's a site given to me by my buddy about 30 seconds ago keeping track of what Z32's are up to. We have a list for supras if you'd like to see it.


    click on drag list. Well isn't that weird? There are absolutely positively, not ONE Z in the 9's. In fact the only three cars faster are Cesar Febus (if you own a Z and want to talk about drag racing, you better know who this man is.)

    and these two guys...



    Are these street cars??? Thought not, and before you get any bright ideas, this is Cesar's car:


    And just for shits and giggles here's the dyno I was talking about. From Z1 motorsports, again, if you own a Z, you SHOULD at least recognize the name. And WOW look at that, it's no. 1 on their dyno page.


    Silly children.

    Sit down, shut up, and learn before you open your mouth again.
  7. oooooooohhhhh lost the battle so you're going back to spelling eh?

    Still doesnt matter that your fiancee is just a whore and you dont own a Z32
  8. Yah, you really got me there.

    I'm getting married, own 2 nice cars, live in a very nice house and own a business. My life sucks in comparison to yours.

    <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> have a nice life.
  9. Fantasy = not real life.
  10. LMAO
  11. Fastest Z on Z32racing.com is GregD's stock engine GT2530 turbod car.

    There are a few Z's here in Utah that will be quite impressive this next year. I'm not about to compare the Z32 to the Supra. There is a reason they do drag events at meets and not road coarses like Z people do.
  12. HAAHAHAHA. Tell that hard top owners. That was such a blunt statment its not even.......no wait IT IS FUNNY.

    Its like me saying that all Z32 owners are delusional........
  13. Obviously you are the one who has a problem with reality. The majority of Z owners track their car more than they drag it. With supra owners it's the opposite because of a couple reasons.

    1. They are shitty drivers.
    2. Their cars can't turn worth a damn because it's so big.
    3. They put more money into their "ice" than the rest of the car.
    4. They realize that their cars are better suited for drag racing.

    Tis obvious that you would use reason number one due to your obvious liking for curbs.
  14. Arent we envious.
  15. 2. Yeah because everyone knows any vehicle that is longer than 8 inches than the great 300ZXTT is impossible to take high-banked turns at the track at 120 MPH. The Supra is only half an inch wider and one whole inch taller.

    At least the Supra still competes and wins at SCCA Solo II events, Kent Rafferty took 1st place in the ESP class in his 93 Supra, in the 7th Event of the 1998 Solo II Championship Series in Central New York. While Karen Rafferty took 4th in the ESP class, also in a 93 Supra.

    Well I did find two Z32s still running in San Fransisco's Solo II in the F Stock class. Nick Morphoulos' 93 Z32 bested 320 out of 12 events, Jose Delgadillo's 92 Z32 bested 290 out of 12 events. While Larry Baker's 98 Camaro dominated with 2,160 out of 12 events and Armen Hamstra's 99 Mustang GT made off with 970 out of 12. Remember these are all stock cars and they are on west coast auto-x tracks, which are known to be more straightaways than curves. So how can a Z32 with it's twin turbos and HICAS and all the little nifty gadgets that often get disabled when it goes a-racing get smashed by a stock Mustang and a stock Camaro in the handling and acceleration department?
  16. You missed the whole point shitty drivers.

    You are one of those people who would not know what to do on a track or a strip. Although piloting a 160WHP FWD car should be pretty easy. Shifting should be easy because you have a slushbox insted of a "stick shift". And at best you would reel in a 16 second qarter.

    Your car still sucks. But hey it's new <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  17. No I nailed the point of shitty Z32 drivers with the SCCA correlation.

    I thought a stock Z32 could nail 13s easily, while a Camaro and Mustang GT would struggle to hit high-13s? Yet both of them managed to out accelerate and out handle a pair of Z32s so badly.
  18. No. Stock 300's cannot nail it easily. The majority are in the low 14's...people who have spent some time driving them get into the 13's but it's not easy.

    Yes a mustang will struggle to hit high 13's, at least up here, hell they struggle to hit high 14's. But a road course is a far cry from drag racing. A superior driver in a not so superior car will easily beat a piss poor driver in a more superior car. This goes double on a road course where you are driving for about 20 minutes insted of 12 seconds....well 16 in your case.

    BTW: hows all that understeer treating you?
  19. If your in championship rounds, your far from a piss poor driver ya idjit. Both Jose and Nick got their Z32s hosed in the 12 championship events that found Larry Baker, champion of Solo II in F Stock for the San Fransisco chapter.

    Just goes to show how ignorant you are of Solo II, the most you spend on any given course is just over 1 minute. Larry was pulling 52-second laps, while the Z32s were lapping at 56 and 58 seconds.
  20. Utah? I have some Z friends in Utah, what are their names?

    BTW, supras go to road courses as well...on our two BIG meets (national) we normally have road course events. This year it didn't fit into the Vegas schedule, and in Texas we were running at TWS.

    Z's are not incredible handling cars by any stretch of the imagination.
  21. Damn you're as much of a moron as when I left this forum the last time. Go look up the last two years in One Lap of america, you'll find a 4th place overall and I believe a 7th place overall. What's the nearest Z32? Or solo II as fordman brought up. Just because YOU KNOW more z32 drivers that take their cars to the road course, doesn't mean there are more.

    Even if there are more, it doesn't mean they are better drivers...the results in race series speak for themselves.

    Because it's so big? What were the skidpad and slalom numbers of a stock z32?

    You have no f'n clue what supra owners do obviously so why don't you quit talking out of your ass.

    Some of us take our cars to the strip because our cars do pretty well...that's what happens when you have a fast car that is still reliable to floor for more than first and second gear while you impress your coworker or some dumb slut you pick up off the street talking about how you have the fastest thing in the city.

    Pathetic...jealous much?
  22. Jealous of a supra owner? Not in this lifetime. That's because more are arrogent assholes who watched too much F&F
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    Mod List

    -Z1 designed Wiseco forged pistons 88mm with ceramic top and moly skirt coatings.
    -Pauter connecting rods, lighter weight, less windage.
    -Balanced rotating assembly, block decked and O-ringed.
    -ARP main studs and head studs.
    -Polymer coated rod and main bearings.
    -Extreme port work on intake and exhaust runners.
    -Ferrea 1 mm oversize intake and exhaust valves
    -Ferrea dual coil valve springs with titanium retainers
    -Tomei lightweight solid valve lifters
    -Z1 Solid lifter cams. 10.25 mm lift 270 deg duration
    -Tomei adjustable exhaust cam gears.
    -Custom adjustable intake cam gears with retention of variable timing control.
    -All engine parts cryogenically treated for wear resistance and strength.
    -Greddy TD06 20G turbos with tubular exhaust manifolds and external wastegates.
    -Custom, powdercoated 2.5” intake/intercooler piping with silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps.
    -Chromed intake plenum and throttle bodies
    -Polished aluminum radiator air guide
    -Tial Silver 50mm BOV’s.
    -RC overbored throttle bodies with oversize butterflies
    -Z1 designed Bell 4.5” thick front mount intercooler.
    -Dual HKS Super Mega flow intakes located under each headlight in stock intercooler location
    -Z1 designed Howe custom radiator for custom intercooler piping
    -Variable speed electric water pump.
    -Electric power steering pump hidden away from engine bay.
    -Unorthodox Racing lightweight underdrive pulley
    -2 16” electric fans in front and behind radiator with staged thermatic switches.
    -Nismo 740cc injectors.
    -SS braided fuel line with Earls fittings to and from an Aeromotive adjustable Fuel pressure regulator.
    -2 300zx TT fuel pumps delivering enough fuel for over 1200 rwhp.
    -60 wet shot NOS hidden in engine bay, bottle in rear.
    -Noltec urethane motor mounts.
    -EGR, AIV, PCV, PRVR/charcoal canister, water lines under plenum, all removed.
    -PTU and fusebox relocated under panel in between headlights.
    -NGK ZFR7F-11 plugs gapped at .025
    -Ohio Generator High output alternator 160 amps
    -SVR deep cycle, high output battery

    -Stillen short throw shifter
    -RPS carbon-carbon twin disc clutch
    -Braided Stainless Steel clutch line
    -Z1 One-piece driveshaft, less weight, replaceable U-joints, better torque transfer
    -Z1 Aluminum subframe bushings, tilt design for added traction.
    -Energy Suspension rear differential bushings

    -2.5” Greddy Downpipes.
    -Custom external wastegate dump tube extensions tied back into,
    -2.5” Z1 Stainless Steel testpipes with flexjoints for impact/vibration protection of tubular manifolds.
    -2.5” Modified Stainless Steel Genie exhaust system.

    -Grid Syncro DBC dual solenoid boost controller, controls wastegate balance with bias knob.
    -AEM in line distributorless ignition amplifier to deliver a stronger spark under high boost.
    -Z1 ECU programs custom tuned and changed on the go with Zemulator engine management system
    -Greddy Turbo Timer.
    -Greddy electric white faced 60 MM gauges on the pillar for Fuel pressure, Coolant temp, and Boost.
    -Twin Greddy electric white faced 60mm EGT gauges in glove-box
    -NOS arming, purge, and remote bottle opener switches in center console with 52 mm white faced Autometer nitrous pressure gauge.
    -Techtom MDM 100 onboard diagnostics display

    -Tein Flex Coilovers, adjustable ride height and dampening
    -Tein EFDC control unit in cockpit for finely adjusting dampening on the move.
    -Stillen Anti-Sway bars
    -Stillen rear adjustable camber links
    -Midori-style adjustable front upper control arms
    -Energy Suspension Tension rod bushings
    -Carbing front strut tower brace

    -Stainless Steel braided lines
    -Brembo Gran Turismo 13” brake kit including 2-piece cross-drilled rotors and larger Brembo calipers
    -Brembo cross-drilled rear rotors
    -Hawk performance pads on all 4 corners

    Wheels and Tires
    -18” I-forged Evolution Polished aluminum rims
    -18X9.5" in front +37mm offset
    -18X12" in rear -18mm offset
    -Michelin Pilot Sport 255/35/18’s up front
    -Michelin Pilot Sport 335/30/18’s in the rear

    -Widebody kit featured on 300zx.com, substantial custom modification and fitment required
    -Veilside EC1 front facia
    -Stillen ducted front panel
    -‘99 JDM Z32 corner lenses
    -’99 JDM Z32 tailights
    -JDM black and silver front Z emblem
    -Wings West rear TT replica spolier
    -All new Nissan moldings and weatherstripping
    -House or colors Orion silver paint

    -Sparco Torino seats (silver/black) mounted on stock 300zx brackets
    -Simpson platinum series harnesses w/camlock system mounted on rear shock towers with custom brackets.
    -GZA chrome gauge rings to accent stock gauges.
    -Imports Extreme silver leather shift and e-brake boots
    -Navan Shift knob
    -Z1 Aluminum racing pedals
    -OEM Nissan charcoal suede trimmed interior.

    -Boston Component speakers in doors
    -Bazooka subwoofer enclosure in rear
    -Kenwood Amp hidden under passenger seat.
    -Panasonic CD headunit

    Melific has a scaned dyno sheet for it at over 1100RWHP.
  24. It's not an all boost car. If I recall they used a 200 shot to get to the 1100WHP mark.

    That is my wallpaper on my computer right now.
  25. all boost sparky, try again. I believe this is the exact car I spoke of about the heavy shot of juice.

    How about some of those 9 second cars?

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