300ZX vs r33 skyline

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    Buy the 300 zx because its nicer , faster, chiper. Hey this car is so cool.
  2. i live in oz and i'm not sure which one to buy i'm thinking towards the 300ZX but i dunno.... what are the real stats for the two cars? and which one do you think is faster and handles better....

    please help me!!!!

    P.S. which one would be more reliable and easier to own?
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    Skyline for sure......<!-- Signature -->
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    if i got a skyline it would have to be the r33 gts25t cos i cant really afford a gtr......

    i think the 300zx tt is better than the gts25t isnt it?

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    how much would it cost to put a new engine in a 300zx tt?<!-- Signature -->
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    Some one actually put a Skyline engine and drivetrain system (4WD System) in a 300ZX. Hehehe. Mental

    I found a Vid clip of a 300ZX, Skyline R32, Toyta Supra (Older one) RX7 (Older one) and something else I think racing round a track.
    The R32 won by about 5 seconds over the 300ZX. The 4WD system just makes it cruse round corners with ease. It passed the 300ZX on the straight too. Saying that I think the Skyline exited the corner faster, so I dont think is was a case of it out accelerating the ZX.

    If you want I can try to find where I got it from.

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    but what about the gts25t?

    which one is more reliable (engine troubles, problems in general)?<!-- Signature -->
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    Re: 300ZX vs r33 skyline


    I think they are a little closer to home and will be able to go into more detail than me. I know very little about the skylines.
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    If ur looking for speed.....skyline, if ur looking for looks skyline, if ur looking for good 0-60 skyline, if ur looking for good handling skyline....sorry its just that theres nuthing good about this car, even with turbo!
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    **** the skyline and **** the 300zx. It a bunch of pure japanese shit. Man japs cant make cars for shit. **** japanese imports. Only germans can make cars. Ill take my hooked up AuDi S4 and smack ever dirty jap car out there.

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    Ignoring the idiot and moving on.........
    I do like this car but I'm sorry the Skyline would waste it both in acceleration and easily on the track. It's 4wd with the ATTESA ETS-Pro which helps a lot, and has 4-wheel steering. The Skyline can take the C5 Corvette (350hp) on the track and its only 280. Don't get me wrong I still think this car is sweet, but the Skyline is GODZILLA!
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    by far the R33 is faster, and handles better!!! but think about price...the R33 costs a hell of a lot more then the 300ZX as long as u have the money, take the R33
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    most of u ppl r talkin about the skyline GTR!

    i cant afford that so i would only get a GTS25T if i got one....

    i was gonna chose between the 300zx and the supra TT but i only have like 25,000 australian dollars and the manuals cost around 35,000 second hand.....

    i heard some things about the zx that they would be really expensive to run one now....they sed that they would break down and have problems....is that true or just a lie?
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    D. all you z experts, i have a challenge for you. does anyone have a link or information about a 300zx z32 with a skyline motor or drivetrain? please respond as this would be very helpful.
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    Fluchtwagen, that is the best signature I have ever read! Very nice. As for this issue about buying a 300zx or a Skyline....

    I know you say you can only afford a GTS-T but I am fairly sure that you can find GT-Rs in Australia for under $25,000. Hmmmm....but if you're talking about Australian dollars, I'm not sure....I know that somebody has an R32 GT-R for $13,000 US dollars (in Australia).

    But anyway, I am not an expert on the GT-S at all so I'm not sure what you should get. They would probably both be good options, and both cars have great potential as well. I can't really help you here. As I said, I'm not sure what $25,000 UK dollars is equal to in US dollars, but another car you could consider (just a suggestion) is the RX-7 FD which would be much lighter than the 300ZX or Skyline and a blast on the track.

    Just an idea.
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    OK since im looking at em also i was wondering also i have heard about poblems with the coolant to 5 and 6 something about the cooling jackets.. and the only fix being rip apart the block and getting em radiused? any truth to this? btw im looking at a 91 or 90 Zx tt. Also im having trouble finding a 90-91 Z with less than 70k miles on it. Also my cash flow is limited. ill have about 6-8 grand at the time of purchase. ill be upgrading it as i go through college. ill be doing mainly performance upgrades before i touch the exterior i want it to have around 450-500 hp soo as you can tell im gonna be doing alot of engine mods. thanks for any help

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    yeah i figured it would be tough at that price.. its a pain can never find what you want for the money you have.. its a shame i wrecked my old car and didnt get to sell it to buy this.. i could have easily gotten enough for a Z.. ok soo should i go for a 91? and that i wouldnt have to get them radiused? ohh and the NA's can get to 400 for a grand more? or were you talking the TT's? whats on your Z and whats it putting out? also what year is yours?
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    k so is what you are saying is that a car that Stays NA wouldnt be able to make 400? i dont understand this.. ohh and you said in one post that i wouldnt be able to find a nice TT for around there.. well the reason i said that is because thats around what ill have at the time of purchase unless i save up a little longer. also do you know of like a list of Z specialty shops or anything like that? id have to check with that guy i know with the Z to see where he gets his done. ive been looking at that site and the thing is im going to be building on this Z for a while so its going to be fast. i just want to get the best bang for my buck when i go for the Z. now understand im 17 so the longer i save for the Z the longer ill be driving a truck. by saying they need a ton of upkeep what would you say how many grand a year in maitenance? and do you mean like regular upkeep like fluids and such? thanks for any help.
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    This is for that audi s4 guy! U r an idiot! Eat some shit!Not all german cars r good! Audi ssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    first of all i would like to say the stats here are wrong..the 300ZX TT is way faster then dat...300ZX TT can do 0-60 in 5.3 seconds...with experienced drivers can hit 5 seconds flat...ok back to the issue...300ZX TT is a super car...Skyline R33 GTS25T is not a super car...a Skyline R33 GTR is a super cars..but a gts25t is not a super car...its just a middle class sport car...R33 gts25t can do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds...so if u want power and the look,go for 300ZX TT...the look is just a killer with blistering performance..my friend own one...a stock 1992 300ZX TT...the performance is just breath taking..just awesome...plus hycas 4 wheel steering...beautifull handling at curves and corners...as for the Skyline GTR super cars...they are only abit faster then the ZX TT...coz they have 4 wheel drive..
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    The R33 is only faster 0-60 because it has the 4 wheel drive system. Get a 300ZX and a Skyline with the same power doing a 1 mile race, the Skyline will shoot in front but the 300ZX will pull it back in after. The aerodynamics of the 300ZX are a lot better and the powerloss is significently better than the R33.

    Having a 4WD car against a RWD car with the same power, the 4WD plan is it get in front to about 30mph and then try to stay in front. Once the advantage of a 4WD system is over, its becomes its weakness. However the Skyline is special because the power distribution changes as the car needs it. So after traction is no longer an issue it becomes a RWD car, but because it still has the other diffs taking up the power it still wont accelerate as fast as a true RWD car, but better than a normal 4WD.

    The R33 may accelerate faster 0-60, but would say 30-100 it is slower and the top speed will be slower. Just look at the world record that the 300ZX still holds in its class. It was made in 1991, 13 years ago now. Every car in its class has tried to beat it including GTR R33s an R34s and failed
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    SPREA! i hope ur rite,coz im gettin one real soon.im looking for a 1992 model..2 seater twin turbo..i will race with those boring GTRs..and let see wat happen

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