32yrs. old and still better than a supra.

Discussion in '1970 Plymouth HEMI 'Cuda' started by Pantera311, Aug 10, 2002.

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    the hemi can beat many modern cars.astoinishing? no certainly not. te hemi was and is superior in hp, reliability and quality to many european and japanese engines.just look at the price of a crate hemi.10000$ and more
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    OH FOR GAWD SAKES!!! Dont get started with that peice of plastic crap, Veilside Supra. That car is just an example of what happens when you get "PROFESSIONALS" to tune a car to its limits. Yeah, alright the supra can hit 10's now in the drag!

    Now just think for a sec. What happens when you take a Muscle Car with a Hemi in it like this Cuda and build this baby up for drag racing? Well, your hitting in the 7's and 6's, something your plastic car just cant do.

    Stop with this Veilside Supra and Blitz Skyline crap cause thats the only excuses you import fans have by saying that "American Cars Suck"
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    a hhemi cuda would smoke any supra and any other jap car like a cheap cigar.Bolt a blower, an enderle injection, aluminium heads and two holley 1150 dominator carbs on the hemi and you are good to have 1200hp and to smoke anyone on the drag strips.
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    oh,would you guys please just cut this crap.a Supra is a good car in it's own righ,and so is a Hemi 'Cuda.I LOVE American muscle cars,i own a Shelby 500GT myself,but you don't hear me complaining about Japanese or European cars.Let's just keep it to the fact that EVERY car is a good car in it's own right and actualy,no car is comparable to another car.Especialy not US cars vs. Jap's.that's two totaly diferent worlds.
    I'll stay with my Mustang 4 ever,but i also respect the Supra or the Hemi or whatever...and so should you guys...

    It's just a matter of personal choice...

    keep it that way,and don't start with that "my hemi kicks your supra's ass anytime anywhere" or-what-ever crap...

    oh,and by the way,racing a car is probably the best feeling in the world for most of us,but remember...a car was invented to get you from point A to point B,faster than walking,and that's a fact,even if some of you don't like it...

    sure,you can have a car with +900hp that does a quarter mile in 10 seconds flat...but keep in mind that thats not what it was originaly designed for...

    just respect eachother's personal choices,even if you don't like that particular opinion...

    oh,and about racing cars...a lot of that depends on how good you are at driving it...just last week a saw a honda civic beat a corvette in a street race...and the only thing modded on that honda was exhaust system,the tires and an added turbo charger,while the vette pushed NOS...and all that,just because the guy in the vette had a cool ride with over 500hp,but did'nt know how to handle it...

    so think about your own skills before you start dissing other peoples rides... <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

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    so how about putting that 1200hp to the ground?

    having that much power means nothing when your rear tires stay behind when you put your foot down...

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    Dammit, some people dont take their heads out of thier asses. Dont say things like a car from 30-40 years ago beats this, cuz it doesnt. In that time, there were no emissions laws. Getting huge power out of a huge engine is easy if there are no rules to follow. And power from japan is limited. They make thier cars moddable because theyre not allowed to get more power out of them stock. Stop these #$%#in stupid comparisons. Seriously, the times have changed so much its not even funny. Just like these comparos:so stupid they arent funny.

    Though i do have to agree......modding out a Cuda will make it go faster, in the end, than a supra. And to whoever said you cant make a car go from 10s to 9s wit nos is wrong. They have systems that can add like, 1000hp or something like that. That'll shave a second off. And dont give me this cheating crap. Cudas can use nos too, ya know.
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    just like i said,
    comparing a jap car from the late 80's to a car from the mid 70's or 60's is not possible,it's two totaly diferent timelines and it's two totaly diferent types of car,so it's just not right to try and compare...so don't...

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    I don't think this is better than a Supra. And i dont think the supra is better than the hemi cuda. They are two very different cars, made for different purposes and different attitudes.
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    how ironic, these are my two favorite cars. yet, they are completely different, and thats why i like them. sure the cuda has mad potential, but so does the supra. they were meant for entirely different reasons. i can honestly say it is impossible to pick and choose between these two to find a superior, like one other said its all a matter of personal choice and your intentions for the machine. let the stupid usa vs. japan vs. europe vs. WTF ever die, its all petty bullshit. who cares where a car came from, like it for its capabilities and so on, not its country. and i dont wanna hear that its an american thing about how we hate japanese cars and such. japanese and other car importing countries to the US are just as shallow in their outlook on american made cars. thats my piece of mind. thanks for the time.
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    i agree with you but who come in the independant us car forums and stir their shit by dissing muscle cars?you know the answer better than me i think.
    i don't go in the forum that don't interest me i think that those persons should do the same.
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    i agree with that...

  12. to TurboPorsche and Scentless Apprentice, you are the stupidest things i have ever encountered

    first of all a supra can not run 5 seconds to 60, i tihnk you are talking about the twin turbo dumb ass, stock N/A tuned supras which were the first to come out, runs in the mid 6 seconds

    get if right, and though i do like imports, i really love muscle cars, and you should learn athing or more about cars before yabbling you mouth,
    all cars have a specific reason they are built, during the "mucle" period, people were into high horsepower, and drag racing, so they would set the gear ratios, close, to be quick off the line, the down side is, that they have a limited sppeed, at the average of 115 MPH, you wre right on that, but will well re=arranged gear ratios, i am positive this baby, can out run any supra, and eaching miles of to 220, so go home, and just die
  13. Idiot, it's a very well known fact that Supras are slow, unless on a roll. And ALL Hemis could beat a Supra, infact you're just stupid for referring to the Hemi. The Hemi was the best easily tuned engine ever conceieved. We had one that came in, stock with 525HP. We blueprinetd and balanced the engine then tuned it up. It was pushing 1100HP. No Turbo Chargers, no Super Chargers and no NOS. Well ain't that something, on the quarter strip the Hemi would win, end of story. Top speed ain't a problem either, we messed with the carb. and threw in a 6 speed manual transmission. After about a month of work we took the car to the dyno and the final specs came to... 1022BHP and 1212BTQ. Not bad huh? For a car thats pushing 35 years. At the track it ran a low 8. Thats right, basically stock. The next few weeks we threw on a blower, new headers, brand new Magnaflow exhaust, and for the hell of it, Intake. Next time we ran it, it ran a mid 7. No Turbo, Super or NOS. If you ask me, thats a pretty fast car considering the weight, you're an idiot who always brings up handling and your weightless Supra. Take your paperweight car and drive it off a cliff. They can't take a ding from a pebble.
  14. Hahahaha, hey listen up friend. Before 1975 all the cars were put together and inspected by hands. Not machines, and the companies cared less about money before then so the cars never broke down. You see it's simple, GM, Ford and Chrysler mechanics won't get money if the cars don't break down... Get it? The engines that Honda uses nowadays was used in the 1930's by Americans, they're not high tech! I gotta hand it to the Japs, their daring to do it but still. Buy a 60's muscle if you want high quality good performance.
  15. u are missing the point
  16. I really must admit, this so called "discussion" really is a great example why not to write anything to 95% of sc.com's boards. Really, this's truely retarded.

    You basically don't have much knowledge about neither of the cars. That's ok, most of people here don't. Me neither.
    But what's the deal about talking about ricers, plastic supra etc.
    Try not to insult everyone who don't agree with you.

    a: cuda's great
    b: no, supra wins
    a: no real power, cheap plastic and turbos
    b: pushrod lol, low hp/litre bad mpg
    a: you're a retarded ricer!
    b: you idiot american muscle fanboy
    a: you don't know anything
    b: no, you!

    I think this pretty much adds up this thread.
    And no, I'm not a fan of the 'cuda or the supra. Both are fine cars.

    I hope you all get my point...

    70BirdEatsRice, well said.

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