355 hp, 350 lb-ft

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  1. srsly.

    OR XR6 TURBO engine damn it.
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  3. Their Ecoboost engine is a fantastic bit of technology and offers excellent power figures and great economy. And the money has already been spent to develop it, so they'd be stupid not to drop it in everything they can...
  4. you're totally right, and theres nothing wrong with that
  5. Do farkin want
  6. Is the Civic a performance benchmark? have I missed something?
  9. This engine should be in the mustang and fusion
  11. its not about the peak power consumption....think about it, you spend a very small percent of your time at full throttle.

    350hp n/a will be worse on gas than 350hp with the turbos....stay out of the boost during regular traffic and it will be more economical
  12. no, if it's a good car hat is overpriced it doesn't have value, doesn't take away from it being a good car. and I wouldn't say it's ovwerpriced, they positioned it incorrectly by building too many 40,000 optioned the hell out units. it's a minivan, needs more basic features readily available
  13. also, I'd rather have a V8 in the stang. I want insta torque from idle thx, it's a mustang dammit. put the engine in a fusion and source a 6 speed manual tranny then give me one for free
  14. thats why I wish I had the $2,000 to swap my roots blower with a turbo setup =/
  15. What the #$%#? The base price is almost three times as much as a Civic. I really like the BMW M5 because it has more features than a Ford Focus!!!
  16. i can't take this car seriously
  17. I would bet the turbo V6 is just as expensive to make as the V8 in the mustang.
  18. In the beginning it will be. But once the tech is spread over a range of vehicles it should even out.
  19. Finally.
  20. Hey Guys.... just had to stop by and brag a bit about my EcoBoost Flex! LOL! Right now i'm running a Livernois custom tune with a bit of methanol... We are pushing close to 460 HP and almost 500 torque! I've made probably over a 100 1/4 miles passes. The best so far is 12.95 @ 107 MPH!

    My twelve second passes:


    and for fun:


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  22. you can't polish a turd
  23. If that were the case, wouldn't they be quoting much higher economy figures? Or are the economy tests so strict that they have to do it full throttle and go full tilt on the turbos? Because the 5.0 makes more power (420/390) and gets better STATED mileage (25/18).

    I can't imagine a twin turbo v6 costs less to make than the 5.0. It may be a TAD smaller and a TAD lighter, for packaging purposes. And I guess it's good that they're bothering to make smaller engines with forced induction anyway.
  24. Just wait until my tuner gets his hands on it.
  25. Werent you saying earlier how they look like Range Rovers?

    In any case, I stand by my original post on page 1, however several years later. The new flex looks down right awesome. Ford has been killing it in the styling department.

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