355 Vs. STI

Discussion in '1996 Ferrari F355 Spider' started by eradicator, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Would be an interesting race dont you think? The acceleration is very similar between the two. I think it would be close on the track, they have very similar acceleration stats, and I'd imagine the AWD would put up a good fight. Don't get me wrong, the 355 is a much better car then the STI (not to rag on STI's, I love them to death), but it would be a very interesting match.
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    I think you buy this car for the name rather than for the performance. The STI is almost as good for straight line acceleration but would get shat on by 355 in every other aspect. Plus Ferrari is like the best car brand in the world so your poor man sports car would even be in the same league. I really don't think it would be close on the track, unless it was like a rally track.

    Gess I must be bored.
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    Dont be too quick to dumb down the sti i think it would be a closer race than you think

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