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    The 360 GT is designed to race in the FIA and ACO events whereas the 360 Challenge is meant for privateers in the Ferrari Challenge series. The GT is more expensive (~$410,000) than the Challenge (~$183,000) but also more powerful @430hp vs. 400hp. This equates to a 0 to 60 of 3.5 sec and 1/4 mile in 12 flat for the GT and 3.9 sec and 12.5 sec for the Challenge. The increased power is a result of different pistons w/ an increased compression to 13.1:1 vs. 11.0:1 which is the same as stock modena. The brakes are 15.0 in front and 13.1 in rears in the GT vs. 14.0 in front and 13.0 in rear for Challenge. The GT is 400 lbs. lighter @ 2450 lbs than the Challenge. The front track is widened by 3 inches and the GT receives stiffer springs and shocks and wider anti roll bars.
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    The 360 GT is just a pure badass machine!!!

    I want one

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    I'd take the Challenge. Although the GT has a lot better performance, it's not a car I could drive around; I'd need to rent out a race track to use it. With the Challenge, I could mess around with it on the streets, and have the joy of using it on a rented out race track.
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    gentlemen drivers???its a racecar
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    the challenge isnt street legal
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    i dont understand how the gt can be street legal and the challenge cant, when in fact the gt is the faster more viscious car?
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    The Gt isn't street legal either, only the stock Modena is.
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    The Challenge "Stradale" is street legal,along with the Modena and the Spider,360 variations.The Regular challenge and Gt aren't street legal.
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    ahhh, no.

    The 360 is the standard car.

    The 360 Challenge is basicly the standard car, however is lightened, has soem upgradeed brakes and suspenion components, with a competiton exhaust, and race tyres. It is around 4-7 seconds a lap faster than the 360 around most courses.

    Teh 360 GT is a total, pure bred race car built specificly to compete in FIA GT and ACO events. It shares nothing in common with the the standard modena other than basic architecutre, such as body shell, mounting points, engine blocks, greabox cases, etc. The Gt is around 8 seconds a lap faster around most road courses than the challenge, which is already much faster than the standard 360.

    Basicly, i goes like this.

    -Standard 360: available in spdier and hardtop. street legal road car

    -Challenge: racing varient of standard 360. not street legal.

    -360 GT: GT racing varient of 360. not street legal, pure race car.

    -Challenge Stradale: road legal version of Challange race car.

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