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Discussion in '2002 Laraki Fulgura Concept' started by 360madona, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. it looks cool but it is definitly a wannabe of the 360.And also whos ever heard of Laraka?
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    I dissagree when you say this is a wanna-be 360 Modena. The 360 has a V8, this a V12 (a Lamborghini one) The 360 has 400 bhp. This has 720bhp. The only part of this car that even looks remotly close to the 360 is the frontal section. This is because of the light and twin kidney grills on the fascia. I can easily distinguish this from a 360. The hood scoop, protrousion on the kidney grills, more slant-ness on the lights and an overall more bulginess on this car. It is a nice looking car that could use some smoothing out. I would get rid of the hoop scoop, blend in the kidney grills so they are clean with the bumper and semi wrap around it. The back does not really suit the front and could use some cleaning up too, but i like the differentness of it. Performance is respectalbe also. My opinion is that when you look at the front-side view it resembles a Forg GT90 a little bit. Squint at the picture and you'll see.<!-- Signature -->
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    when i first took a quick glance at that front scoop i automatically thought '00 ss camaro.
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    when i first looked, i thought it was something like ferrari had upped the 360 modena, and this was something like a 400M Modena. yaknow, like they hopped from a 550 Maranello, to a 575M Maranello, the M being for something like Modeficata, italian for modified, and the number being for the displacement....the design looks real similar to a 360 modena, maybe warped for the year 2050.<!-- Signature -->
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    ITS MODENA!!!!!!!
    NOT MADONA!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    well i wouldn't exactly call it a wannabee. i mean this thing is in a totally different class of cars from the modena. And besides in a race i'm sure this thing would eat a modena like ice cream with a hot spoon =]
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    It's not a 360 Modena wannabe. This is more like a Ford GT90 or McLaren F1 wannabe. It looks good though.<!-- Signature -->
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    I know that I'm changind my mind in the middle but I looked at some of the replys and I kinda think there right, I changed my mind the 360 modona is a wannnabe of this!
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    this must be a what was it??? oh yes.... a CONCEPT U FUCKS<!-- Signature -->

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