360 modena contender

Discussion in '2005 Mosler MT900 S' started by biturbonite, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Anyone who knows about Mosler knows about the horridly ugly machines that he's pumped out these many years. But now, he's created an exquisite road car that can slap around the lower end ferraris. In the end, which would you rather go home with: this or the 360 modena?
  2. Why would compare this car to the 360?
  3. Price is comperable.
  4. this is on race gear box, meaning if you put the gearing up so it topped out at the same speed as the 360, then the 0-60 would be similar in theory and this would be a very close comparison, i'd take the 360 though
  5. The Mosler would still have a far superior power/weight ratio, and possibly a handling advantage as well.
  6. i am... it would smoke both IMO
  7. This car would easily smoke a 360. It'll probably even kick an Enzo's ass.
  8. People don't go to the race track to argue about price, It will beat a 360 no problem heck the Viper GTS and SRT-10 smokes the 360 no problem.

    This is a car designed to take on the Enzo, Murcielago and Carrera GT and not there counter parts.
  9. 360 contender? LOL, its enzo quick dude, look at the 0-100
  10. Thank you, finally there's guys with brains that know this would flat out kill the Enzo, in acceleration, braking and handling and even (of course) a head-to-head race, on a road course.

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