3D printing is go: put your head on a doll

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2011.

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  2. thats #$%#ing creepy
  3. im totally doing this when i go
    wonder if they'd flinch at a fully naked doll
  4. fUckin creepy/awesome.
  5. "...fly to Japan..."

    I really don't think they'd flinch.
  6. thats so weird
  7. if you were getting a 3d model of your head done, why would you pop your collar, wear glasses AND cover most of your head with a toque
  8. lol imagine supercars.net edition action figures

    have 944turb0 fight disord3r
    hemistage fight everyone
  10. everyone except me
    id gladly fight by his side
  11. i want an rlq action figure
  12. would you pose it in front of things?
  13. with 6 moving parts (and 1 quoking part)
  14. i would put it on my dresser so it could watch me have sex with my gf
  15. im glad he left his glasses on
    shows how much detail this thing can do
  16. can i get christofurrs head put on the tip of a 15 inch dong?

    its for personal use.
  17. thats a pretty big pez dispenser
  18. Who are you?
  19. BRB 3D printing my dick.
  20. Crystallballer doll

    dress him up in topshop and H&M clothes/accessories
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  22. You can do way more impressive stuff with a 3D printer.
  23. he would get one of your gf so you could watch him multiquok her
  24. you can have my axe!
  25. I would of course use it like one of those travelling garden gnomes.

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