3gen MR2

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  1. usually gayer than this

    drift MR2 in Slovenia.
  2. Where's christopherskin?
  3. sup

    I should prolly take some more photos of it. These are ooooold and shit.
  4. I was just on ebay, and didn't realize how cheap these cars are selling for in the states. Seeing how they are legal in Canada now that we unified the bumber laws, one could bring one over for roughly $15 grand after gst, dot regulations etc
  5. do it you girl
  6. third-gen, or worst-gen?
  7. You can buy them here for like $5-6k USD

  8. best gen
  10. oh you mean 2nd gen.
  11. no he said best gen
  13. no

  14. backwards

    I see what u did there
  16. the last somewhat exciting Toyota.
    Previous gen was far superior though.
  17. I own an MR2 Spyder. It's more fun than it looks, and I prefer it quite a bit over the 2nd generation MR2 Turbo a good friend of mine used to own. The old car was too heavy and more tail-happy than I prefer. The Spyder is quite well balanced and a joy to drive at the limit on the track and in the canyons.

    Lets just hope with the new CEO of Toyota being a real car enthusiast and racer, that Toyota gets back to building cars like the MR2 instead of just rolling appliances like the Camry and a bunch of trucks/SUVs.


  18. AE project seems so dead though <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    and I agree that the SW20, for everything nice about it, get's a little too much greasing around here.
  19. lol nigger please
  20. Gotta go MKI > MKII >> MKII. Though, I've never actually owned or even driven a Spyder. I had a '91 Turbo and a '87 NA. To tell you the truth, I think the only people who complain about the SW20's handling are those that are scared of it. And through some aftermarket, adjustable shocks/springs on it and it's pretty amazing. I could slide that thing around corners like no one's business. I know it sounds like bullshit, but I once slid mine around a 90* corner, entering the corner braking hard from right about 60mph and sliding damn near perpendicular to the road/traffic. I also once had a random girl at my high school, who I'd never talked to or anything, say "I heard you were a badass drifter"... lol. Not something I ever referred to myself as, obviously, but I did slide around around corners damn near constantly in it. I'd still love to build an MK1.5, but I'd also like to own another Turbo.
  21. It's not like it's a bad car (the MK2) or anything but it's not the "compact mid-engined roadster/toy" that an MR2 is supposed to be.
  22. pics of said random girl
  23. Haha... this was like seven years ago in Spanish class. Not really hot, but not bad looking. But then, it was a long time ago and I have a kinda shit memory. Back then I didn't even own a camera of any kind. F'real.
  24. gen 2 > Gen 1 >gen3

    but then i am biased...lol
  25. I still cant stand the look of these floating park benches.

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