4-door Muscle Sedan ?

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by Lee Iacocca, Sep 21, 2002.

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    you #$%#ing moron the pontiac gto is not a four door car
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    Ok dumbest dumb, include the M3 in the list....

    M3 x Monaro and
    M5 x Commodore
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    oh i'm because you don't know the difference between a three series and a five series? hehe thats funny. . . if you want to compare it to something i think the best choice would be the six series which will be out in a couple months. . it will be basically a two door five series. . slighty bigger. . . and even base models wll cost a whole lot more so you can claim your silly victory, but as of now the gto has no direct compeition. . .
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    Actually I'm aussie as well, and a big Ford fan, but I have always found the monaro to be a nice looking car. To be honest, i think the GTO nose job makes it look better, not worse. Esspecially in that red. And yes, in case the people haven't gotten it yet, the Monaro is a 2 door commodore, so like some one else said, they woudl just export the commodore and rebadge it if it were to be a 4 door. the car in the pic is also VERY ovbiously a two door/
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    The Monaro already comes in a 4 door sedan (the commodore) which is possibly going to be sold as a impalla ss in the USA so GM arent going to sell the same car as both an ss and a GTO
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    i hate illiterate morons who can't read. GTO = 2 DOORS. u might wanna try calling hooked on phonics, maybe they can help u out
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    a 4-door muscle sedan? does anyone know what a GTO REALLY IS!?!?!?! who ever the hell thought of re-making a GTO in this.. THIS body style should be dragged into a street and shot. This is NOT a GTO. this is a handa wanta be where there just trying to make money off the GTO logo. even though it says "GTO" on the door, doesn't make it a GTO. I drive a 68' built camaro. this GTO is nothing close to being a muscle anything. its just a sedan.
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    Lets get things straight - because it seems none of you have actually been in a new GTO. Down here i happen to no the guy who drives the only one in New Zealand. Its the dummy model before the states get it.
    IT HAS A V8

    This rumoured 4 door version, looks nothing like it.
    Its basically gonna be a big ass statesman.

    Also you yanks may get a new ute called a cross8.
    Now can we all calm down - and bring back the trans-am?????
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    It doesnt matter if no one else has been in the GTO, it is a Monaro and the Monaro has 2 doors
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    Yeah I agree the HSV fascia's are better looking but how come they don't give it dual exhaust? It looks kinda week with out it. I do like the other cars Holden has that have V8 and RWD or AWD like that SSX(nice).
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    That was a big argument over a little tiny problem...
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    The HSVs and the VY v8s have a duel exhaust
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    As u can see, the GTO has TWO doors. Also, stop whining, u have one post and ur already getting on my nerves
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    I wonder how man people are going to turn their GTO's back into Holdens - I mean, how cool would it be to have one of ~4 Holdens in North America? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    (especially cool since the wheel would be on the 'right' side)
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    It wouldnt be hard to do, just change the front grill which would could be shipped over from australia
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    yeah mate i am sik of seeing all of this bickering about weather is going to be a 2 or a 4 door. the carthat this car is based on, the Holden Monaro, is a 2 door, & if u look carefully u will find that the car in the pictures shown on this website is infact: a 2 door. will this be enough to put the issue to rest?
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    2 door or 4 door, it doesn't really matter. A muscle car is a muscle car. And if people around the world haven't noticed yet the year is 2003, not 1969. Muscle cars have evolved from big, heavy, powerful V8 tanks to cars which are really no bigger than a normal family sedan.

    For muscle cars in 1969 we had Chevrolet Corvette's & Comaro's, Ford GT40's, Falcon GTHO's (Australia), Mustangs, Holden Monaro's (Australia), Pontiac GTO, Dodge Charger, Challenger, Plymouth's etc etc. All of these cars had large capacity V8 engines. Fast forward to 2003 and these cars are considered classic muscle cars, alongside modern muscle cars such as the current Corvette's, Comaro's, Falcon GT & XR8's, Mustang Cobra's & SVT's, Monaro CV8's, Holden Commodore and HSV's, Pontiac GTO, Dodge Viper's, Porsche GT2 & GT3, BMW's, Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG, Jaguar S-Type R etc etc. Some have 2 doors. Some have 4 doors. What does it matter how many doors they have? They can all be classified as muscle cars. And again they still have large capacity V8 engines. A couple there even have flat 6's (Porsche).

    Point of fact. There are a LOT of 4 door cars out there that can and will blow a 2 door car to the weeds. Even some 6cyl family sedans can out perform a V8.
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    Im yet another aussie and as for your bull (cant remember who) about the new Pontiac not being a muscle car ur friggin stupid it has a 5.7L V8 which is just as big as any of ur american cars. Take the Ford Mustang (latest model, Im not familiar with the older ones) for example. Its packin a 4.6L V8, 1100cc smaller than the GTO; The Monaro shoots, scores wins the game!
    On another note i reckon the front of the GTO is cool and is better than the CV8. Hopefully the did something to teh back too cos the monaro one was screwed.
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    Wat can say 'muscle' more than a GTO. Especialy cause it got the Corvette LS1. This car will surely be eatin Civics in a few months.
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    oh hell yeah man cos civics are like the ultimate supercar man, I would give it so much more respect if it could actually beat civics! ya know ya gotta aim high.
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    think ya gotta aim a bit higher than civics, this will beat alot harder competition
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    yep, even possibly higher. There as quick as just about anything under 100 aussie grand
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    very nice research
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    Ive seen the 4DR version a few months back, cant remember where but it was sick. The hell with 2dr's I need some room for golf clubs and 3 drunk friends!!!

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