4 door supercar?

Discussion in '1970 Porsche Tapiro Concept' started by RLQ, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I can't really tell with the top view of this car.<!-- Signature -->
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    I could have sworn the back two doors covered engine, but it doesn't look like it from that angle. A four door gullwing is a cool idea though.<!-- Signature -->
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    I cannot answer that question, 'cause I cannot determine it from this pic.
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    From what I have read it is a two seater, and the rear opens up similar to a DeTomaso Mangusta to get to the engine. But the
    picture makes it look like there are back seats. It was actually
    made by Volkswagon-Porsche.
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    very interesting concept, a 4 door gullwing car...I'll give it credit for originality
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    im suprised italidesign is still in business cause everything ive seen them make, from past all the way to present, look like fake cars from low budget action cartoons.
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    I definetly think this is a super car!!
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    I agree. Reminds me of an Isdera b/c of its 4 gullwings.
  9. it's cool
  10. this is just plain weird.Why a 4 door gullwing
  11. Ok, nowhere does it say it is a four-door gullwing, it has four gullwing doors. There is a difference. The engine bay (note it's mid-engine) has what looks like air ducts running down the spine of it and two gullwing doors hinged off of that to allow access to the motor. Additionally, will someone give this poor model a sandwich? Crust of bread? Anything? Nobody wants to look at a fattie in a bikini, but she looks like freakin' Skeletor in that second picture.
  12. Why would someone think that it has rear seats. Can't you tell from the pictures that it is a two seater?
  13. lol she must be at least 60 now.

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