4 police shot dead in coffee shop

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  1. well, considering most hunting rifles catridges have more energy than most military assault rifle catridges they can be safely called high powered
  2. Its been such a bloody year for U.S. LEOs.

    Oakland, Pittsburgh, and now Washington State.
  3. Oh I know, I just have a feeling most people don't realize that "high powered rifles" are common hunting rifles rather than some sort of military weapon. They read "high powered rifle" and think massive machine gun or something.
  4. News said he used a handgun.
  5. If these cops followed the law and didn't do things illegally the I feel sorry for the loss.
  6. Google search for Halloween+police+shooting+UW.

    This is now five dead officers in four weeks for Puget Sound. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  7. Yes, they often say 'high powered assault rifle', which is an oxymoron. Wheelman said I was insane for correcting that, but he's a Canadian, so it figures.
  8. ugh
  9. The suspect is described as an African-American man
    is this a gentle way to say nigger?
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  12. The murderer..
  13. Jesus. Sad news.
    If I lived in the US I don't think I'd be signing up for the Police.
    God bless our largely gunless culture.
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    Do you live in the area?
  15. is Suge Knight.
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  17. And just so it is clear. I absolutely despise police officers. It is absolutely against what America stands for.
  18. well, youre an idiot. 99.9% of police officers are nice, hardworking people keeping you and everyone you know/love safe. Yeah, every once in a while something bad happens in a bad situation/in a tense moment, but throwing all officers under the bus is a pretty shitty thing to do.
  19. America is against law enforcement? Uh, ok.
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  21. 40% of them were
  22. At least.
  23. Eh? So having no law enforcement is what the US stand for? What about a railroad network, a military or hospitals? Are those against American values too?
  24. Why don't you let it go instead of picking at the same, lame argument once again.
  25. It's not very easy for a civilian to own a gun in Russia and it's absolutely impossible here in China. It's possible to get a hunting rifle or a handgun for target practice in Norway following certain protocols. More importantly, the reservists have G3s at their homes.

    Now, the homicide rates per 100 000 people are : 16,5 in Russia, 2,36 in China and 0,71 in Norway.

    Homicide rates don't correlate with income nor with guns per capita. Countries like Brazil or South Africa have like 10 times less guns/capita than the US but the homicide rates per 100 000 are 37,3 and 25,7 vs 5,8 in the US. Even if there are less guns, all the G3s are owned by that puto Joao in the favelas and not the reservists.

    Another interesting thing I noticed when I was playing stewacide on wiki was that there are a shitload of supposedly violent and poor African and Middle-Eastern countries with lower homicide rates than most EU countries.

    I remember when I was in South Africa an American doctor told me that lots of people come there from the US to practice treatment of gunshot wounds.

    Btw, the thing that goes hand in hand with homicide rates is not income nor gun control but--- wealth disparity!

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