4 police shot dead in coffee shop

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  1. oh shit lol
  2. Yeah, all over the news. This is about 25 minutes from my house. I'm pretty sure I've been to that coffee shop. That can't be good for business.... Or CAN it?!
  3. Munich has between one and three murder cases per yer :-O
  4. Or they could have kept him in jail where he belongs.

    He was sentenced to 95 years in prison at the age of 17 but the sentence was commuted by a governor due to his age.

    He went on to this wonderful life of crime.
  5. I wonder how come when the first gun shot was fired, that the three others officers did'nt fire back or took cover......?
  6. Ninja Assassin.
  7. Well they said two were shot outright, one stood up, and the fourth scuffled with the guy before getting killed.

    The gunmen had the element of surprise and it's pretty tough to pull a strong side holster draw while sitting down.
  8. Do we know yet what gun the killer used?
  9. oh you're right, if they were corrupt & enjoyed senseless brutality then it is such a tragedy they are gone
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    99.9%? maybe in the wonderland you live in. In the real world 99.9% are clowns on a powertrip.

    But I guess suburbia taught you all about cops didnt it Kyle.
  11. And my M4 is what keeps my family safe. Not some fat pig who couldnt run 10 feet without running out of breath.
  12. Silencer on or off? do you pack up on nades and flashbangs?
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    I don't know where you got that number but it was made up. Ever talk to an ex-cop. All the ex cops I have known said the police is the largest gang in the US. I would say less than half are good & hardworking.


    you probably shouldn't watch it, because it will destroy your 99.9 percent number
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    I love this comment posted on the page, the second part is directed at you.

    "This is dis­turb­ing in two ways: 1. The ac­tions by some men and wom­en in the po­lice force shown in this video. 2. That this kind of un­bal­anced and ma­nip­u­lat­ed ma­te­ri­al is pro­duced in or­der to build an opin­ion on bi­ased in­for­ma­tion, and not to pro­vide ac­cu­rate, bal­anced in­for­ma­tion to the pub­lic."
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    I'm sorry, but your opinions mean nothing to anyone here. Everyone knows you're an idiot, must you make it so painfully obvious with every post you make? You should have quit while you were behind (October 31st, that is). And yes, I know the pot is calling the kettle black here.
  16. Argument?
    Merely an observation based on the cultures of two different countries.
    Keep your panties straight, cowboy.
  17. oh god lol
    nobody (who hasnt already) bite on this

    theres no way AP is real, this is the second reason he should be banned
  18. So... You're suggesting that instead of law enforcement people should have assault rifles?

    Nice. Somalia is the first country that comes to mind.
  19. Ron Flash=AP
  20. im very pro gun, but where do you live where you have that sentiment?

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    and every cop I have ever met/known has been an honest, hardworking person.

    Cops are people. They are in the most stressful situations possible day in and day out. They are who we call when shit is going bad. Of course bad shit is going to happen sometimes. They get treated like shit all day every day by idiots like you thinking the cops are always out to get them. When people treat them like shit, they push back. Its natural and expected, not to mention in their job.

    How often do you see someone cooperating with the police get beaten/shot?

    Cops get the same rap as muslims. a terribly tiny fraction doing bad shit ruins the image for all of them.
  22. Ha! I think you have your own cow in the ditch with this musulman thing.

    I found out that you totally have a terrorist surname.
  23. Maurice Clemmons has been shot and killed by police.
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  25. why cant we just put the world in the matrix and stop this shit

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