4 police shot dead in coffee shop

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  1. Those racist police murdered that boy
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    I just posted two stories of cops killing/beating down people who are already cooperating. And theres countless times that doesnt get caught on video.

    And yeah, a 72 year old woman speeding. so stressful.

    Not to mention tasering a kid with a broken back 19 times.

    They are called pigs for a reason and Im glad 4 more of them are in hell. Hopefully many more are on the way.
  3. What exactly did you observe, someone is shot in a news article from US City, US has a lot of guns, therefore as guns decrease safety increases? Wouldn't really explain why your country is more violent than mine, you're more likely to get involved in violent confrontation there.

    Your 'observation' has been proven wrong time and time again; no matter how much you wish it was true it just isn't, so why would you hang on to it.
  4. You can't really slap police with the go/no go label of good or bad. I figure it's a measurement of more or less corrupt. No one is completely clean, there probably isn't anyone completely corrupt, and most police are probably somewhere in the middle; like a bell curve. We all want to be pulled over by the guy striving for perfection, we'll probably get the guy who doesn't mind using some clever phrasing to get you to admit guilt, and we fear getting pulled over by the guy who wants to kick your ass for looking at him wrong.

    As for the few police officers giving the whole a bad wrap...the police use our few criminals as an excuse to use all those confrontational, unpleasant tactics to deal with all of us. Not sure why they get their panties in a wad when people paint them with a broad brush when they model their tactics in the exact same way.
  5. good riddance, shitty ghetto boy goes to hell.
  6. Why did obama not stop this terrorist attack?
  7. I'm just waiting for Obama to say the police acted stupidly.
  8. "had the all not ordered decaf, this whole thing may have been avoidable. "
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  10. He's right. A scumbag like that is better dead than alive.
  11. yeah, cops are jerks
    keep fining me when i break the law, assholes
  12. i just couldnt think of another good example for that phenomenon right away.

    i really dont care that strongly about race issues, due to them not rry effecting me.
  13. Summary

    1. 99% of All cops are dirty bastards.
    2. 99% of All cops are clean good honest people.
  14. Justice served.
  15. This 'argument' is really going to go nowhere, seeing as it's apparent that you don't even know my country of residence.
    A greater number of Police are shot in the line of duty in the US than here. This is a fact. If you'd like to turn my original observation into a debate, by all means go ahead. But you've already lost before opening your mouth.
    An observation is simply that. Turn it into WWIII if you desire. No skin off my nose.
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  17. UGH!!! Typical American with your crazy gun culture. He could have been rehabilitated if they tazed him bro.
  18. Mega City Municiple Code, 213: Willfull destruction of property, that's two years. Code 310: Illegal possession of assault weapons, five years. Code 457: Resisting arrest, TWENTY years! And code 3613: The first degree murder of a street judge...
  19. The prototypical SC.net result.
  20. So the main stream media praises the actions of cops doing things illegally but its for your safety. I would call that manipulating public opinion. So go #$%# yourself.
  21. I already said I was a fool to think I would know the exact date & time of an economic collapse. The fact still remains, the fundamentals are bad & it will happen. There will be no recovery, people need to grow up. But you're probably one of those people who believe in a jobless recovery; which is like being almost pregnant.
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  23. I hope this is a troll post.
  24. best movie.
  25. lih

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