4 seat sports cars - which is your choice

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Grigio Telesto, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. There are now several high performance 4 seat sports cars to choose from. Which car would you pick if you had to take along more than 1 passenger and had no other sports car in your garage (lets assume your other car ws a Volvo wagon).

    gtr- 7
    911T- 6
    612- 4
    evora- 3
    m3/s5- 2
    california- 2
    camero- 1
    Gran Turismo S- 1
  2. I'd take the california so FNAF could sit in the 'back seat', so his legs get severed and his chest cavity pops in half when i put the seat back.
  3. Bowling ball holders*
  5. GT-R would be the best bet. I'm absolutely loving everything we've seen of the Evora so far, but I wouldn't put anyone I had any kind of positive feelings for into the back seats...
  6. None of these cars will you even see a human in the back seat.
  7. do whores count as humans? if so, then nevermind I guess.
  9. If you can fit in the back of the California I will give you 3 bucks.

    Out of those I would prefer the Ferrari BUT AS FOR YOUR QUESTION the GTR is the only correct answer.
  10. why no F612 Scaglietti?
  11. Picking from the list alone is difficult, you can certainly add the M3 and S5 in the choices and make it even more difficult. The GTR, 911 Turbo and the California have super car performance if you will take them to the track. The M3 and S5 would be the sanest choice specially if you care at all for the back seat passenger. The GTR would do as well except for the harder ride.

    I will pick the Lotus just so I can get that mid engine balance and the super car looks. Very lame on power though - even the supercharged version will probably just make 315+hp. Asking someone to ride the back seat is equivalent to saying you hate them. I will be selfish though if that's the only way I can have a Lotus. I will just drive as fast as I can to keep the trip short for the poor fellow in the back.
  12. Sorry I failed to put it in the choices. Is that what you would have picked? Anyone in the market for that car though would probably not care about any of the cars above except perhaps the California.
  13. The real drivers car (911)
  14. You seriously left out so many. Like, how can you include the California, but not the DB9? etc.
  15. Guilty as charged. I wanted to list track worthy 4 seat sports cars rather than GT's and sport sedans but the distinctions can get vague. The M3 can be fun to track and the California seems capable of it too even if it was designed as a GT.
  16. Ferrari 612
  17. I just picked up the latest Autocar and they seem to think the Evora will be capable of 0-60 in a bit over 5 seconds, and go on to a top speed in the 160s or 170s. That's pretty damn good for a plush 2+2 around the £40k sector - especially when you factor in how good it'll be to drive, being so light for what it is and midengined.
  20. Maserati Gran Turismo S
  21. Ferrari, I think.
  22. 612 Scaglietti

    Saw one in Amsterdam, and it looks much much better in person.

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