$40,000 or a kitten?

Discussion in '2000 BMW X5 Lemans Concept' started by Boughetto777, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. The mayor of my county, and my friend as well, has...well, *had* a BMW X5...the other day he swerved to miss a kitten and crashed into a tree with his X5. Now, I'm for protecting animals I guess, but...I think in that situation, it would have been bye-bye kitty for me. Anyone else agree?
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    Shadup. If only you see what is left of those animals after some accident.
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    And after I swerve away from the cat, I would surely be mindful enough not to crash my car. God the X5 has ABS.
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    First of all...Ok yes, it was a cat, poor cat, I would feel bad if I did kill it. But I think I would feel even worse if I wrecked a $40,000 vehicle which I would have spent lots of years earning the money to purchase one. And I'm pretty sure he didn't wreck it on purpose. " I would surely be mindful enough not to crash my car"...I don't think he would have crashed it if he could have helped it.
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    cats are great and all, but have you seen how many one can pop out in a year? my god its not oike we have a shortage by any means, and hitting a tree is maybe the most dangerus crash there is, so i would have to say squish the kitty, there are more.
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    bye bye kitty. cats suck anyways
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    oh look, here comes the animal rights activists...

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