40 years NEW LOGO!

Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by mafalda, Nov 26, 2002.

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    i am emmit smith
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    he is a #%$
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    I don't think Lambo's suck. I find them to be quite beautiful and awe inspiring. In fact, Silverado SUV gives Silverado's a bad name. However I do think chevy is better. They help the country operate. If everyone switched from Chevy to Lambo's what do you think would happen? No more vette's, no more pickup's. Ever try carrying a ton of dirt or towing a trailer with a Diablo?
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    who cares
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    About what?
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    I hate the Pt Cruiser too!The car not the person with that username
    because Idon't know him/her,lol.
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    Yes,yes very intelligent.

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    Yeah he is a #%$,lol

    Also nice pic of the Countach with the naked ***** laying on it,hehe
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    So what you're saying is Chevy is better than Lambo because you can carry dirt,lolOk c'mon people let's all carry dirt,carrying dirt is fun,who needs sportscars when we can all carry dirt in our superior chevys right?

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    No I think Chevy is better because it is more beneficial to the World. Things need to get moved (including people). Chevy has a range of vehicles from trucks to sports cars which are all useful and 100% driveable. Sure a Lambo is faster, but what happens when you need to do something with your vehicle that isn't drive fast. Yes what you are saying is correct. What do you think would happen if every vehicle was replaced with a Lambo? Could you imagine a construction site? Nothing would ever get done. Only two people at a time would go anywhere. Pollution would increase a hundred fold. I am saying Chevy is more useful.
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    I just saw this at a car show!!! Its so damn nice!!!
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    Hey Black Silverado dude... if you can afford a Lamborghini, that most likely isn't going to be your main transportation. Yeah you will be able to buy a Silverado Truck as well! Then when your working use the truck, and when you want to go out after work speeding down sidestreets and pimpin on ladies use the Diablo. but if your making the kinda money that buys lambos, its probably not labor.
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    They dont need a new logo, no car needs a logo, if u people dont like it go cry me a FU*KING river. LAMBO RULES
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    <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A> i agree all american cars blow dogs for quarters. EURO CARS RULE like i said b4 go cry me a river well ur at it make me a boat. EURO CARS RULE EVERYTHING
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    I dont know how this guy doesn't get banned for Obscene Language
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    **** you *****
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    i agree
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    I understand that you are trying to say that the Lambo isn't very efficient, but i dont think Lambo's would have too much trouble towing dirt or trailers, considering they can produce 479.4 ft lbs torque.
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    Ellinas eisai?
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    look at this image an u wil know y that i love lambo....
    but its engine is not so gooddddddddddddd,
    some magazines say that murcielago don need that 4WD
    i agree this....
    go and look the Enzo,Carrera GT....
    Y that use 2wd???i think its becas 4wd is tooooooooooo heavy...
    that magazines also say that a supersports car need to be light
    enzo vs murcie?how will be that?
    carrera gt vs. murcie ...and howabout this also?
    so i think the murcie need a greater engine with 600hp or above and lightly than this one to be a good sports car.....
    i think lambo CAN!!!!!!!!!!

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    lambo's are awesome.
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    The Carrera GT is slightly quicker than this, and the Enzo is alot quicker than this on the track. Straight line the Lambo is quicker than the Porcshe. But who cares, the Lambo looks Awesome!!
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    dis is da lamest thread ever. cant u guys just admire the car!
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    what is the new logo?

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