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    right the rev limit is a measly 5200 i think.
  2. 4000rpm how could it run that low? I like the 2003 production viper better, its not stupidly low like this how could you drive this down the road. It needs to loss some wieght.<!-- Signature -->
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    4000RP is MAX POWER

    not the redline...


    *shoots self*
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    this car is to beautiful to be put on the road and besides whoever will own one of these cars will have lots of speeding tickets im sure<!-- Signature -->
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    5200 is where max power occurs. Rev limit is 6000 rpm.
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    What a baby! Dodge sucks!
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    ah ic. yah i was doing some math after i posted that and figured it out or came close to it. i was wondering why if i made the max torque peak 1000 rpm higher why output only came out 10 hp ahead of 500. anyhow i was pretty cloes.

    i think the viper should still rev a bit higher and take advantage of more aggressive gearing due to that. even mr. hennessey notes that one thing he would like ot see improved upon the viper is the ability for it to rev higher.

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    I think the viper should have more gears like 8. All high gears so it revs quick through all of them since the rev limmiter is so low. If you dont get why its so low go to the post 500HP @ 4000RMP? And see page 4
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    i think the most innovative invention so far to date in trannies is the CVT. it is essentially one gear that can infinately variate is gear ratios to always create the optimum delivery for power, torque, and efficiency. right now the technology is there, but needs to be imporved upon, because it cannot handle excessive loads of torque without failure. however it is making a debut in several high torque hybrid cars where it is being experimented with.

    i think its safe to say this is the wave of the future.
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    there is another thing, used by formula one, i forgot how it works, i'll try to find it on my other comoputer. anyhow it can go through longer gears without suffering acceleration losses from low torque.

    it would explain the reason why a formula one car with such little torque has top speed estimates in the 300mph+range.
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    Blaze CVT's are a great invention, but i liek the idea of me being in control of the gears, it would seem lazy to jsut operate the gas and brake. And i wouldn't call todays hybrid cars high torque. But i would call F1 cars high torque, as they have at least 400lb/f of it. Which is a lot in my books. I've never heard of the special gearing your talking about, maybe its Ferrari using seven gears? (so i hear)
    but other then that i've never heard of it, so i'm interested to kno what your talking about. Audi uses CVT's also in sum models of their cars<!-- Signature -->
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    This car is kinda pathetic but i do like its looks <!-- Signature -->
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    I mean that right now the Viper has 6 gears. If you had 8 the 7th or 8th gear could be set as the same ratio as the original 6th gear. Then this would allow the lower 6 gears to be lower and wide spread. The Original 6 gear could have a ratio of 2.66 or 2.88 for 1st or something. With 8 you could have 3.1 or 3.25. I think this would answers some questions.

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    I wouldn't call it beautiful. A Ferrari 250 Testarossa is beautiful.

    I can't think of a good word to replace beautiful. Bad-ass or aggressive is all that comes to mind.
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    8 gears is a pain in the ass. You'd be hitting the passenger in the knee and yourself too. Either way, I believe that as long as there is a strong tranny, 4 is good for me. I, personally, have a 5-speed car.

    And the point is to have as few gears as possible. Too many and you'll be dragging your torque all day long. 6 gears is PLENTY. More and acceleration drops.

    And whoever made the comment about Formula One, they have 6-speed sequentials. Their redlines are 15-18,000. The reason why they have so little torque is because the cars are light enough for a kid to throw across the room :p Well not that light but you see what I mean.
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    Good point. At some point, you spend more time shifting than actually applying power, so in the long run, lots and lots of gears would end up being slower.

    As for CVT's, Audi's CVT is currently the leader in torque capacity at 220 lb-ft. CVT's can give good acceleration and can return a higher fuel mileage rating versus the standard manual, but I'd have to agree that I'd prefer to shift gears on my own.
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    The reason it revs so low is because look at the displacement of the v10 the more displacement the lower the revs u need to get ur power and also the v10 is practically the same engine they use in the rams..and they arent exactly high revers
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    Hold the hell up. The dragsters us up to 500CID V-8 engines, and they go all the way up to 6-7000rpm. How are you going to say that High displacement Engines rev low. I could take a 4.75inch Bore with a 3.5inch stroke V-8 engine and have 496CI. This would rev really high because of its high Bore to Stroke ratio.

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