400km/h on GT3

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    first of all if u have gameshark u can use the wheelie cheat it makes lots of cars do like 600 mph lol ur car wheelies it soooo funny and the 787b car is sick and to make ur car have a better top speed u tweak the gear ratios to wide instead of sport

    Speed mean nothing if you dont got handling thas how people get messed up. And not cool
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    For GT3: You need to Pop a wheelie to get to those insane speeds. With the Escudo for example, go to the Top Speed course. Adjust the rear downforce to MAX and the front downforce to MIN. Lower the car as much as possible. Move the Gear settings to WIDE. Traction control and all that other stuff should be OFF or set to Zero. When you start the Top Speed trial go BACKWARDS around the ring. After about 260mph or so the front wheels leave the ground and your speed picks up exponentially. 260, 270, 300, 350, 450, 600, 900... If you have a partner with the same car, have him go ahead of you so you can follow behind and get even more speed from having less wind resistance. You can find out how to do it in more detail on some sites on the internet. Oh, if you want a good website about tuning your GT3 cars go to http://www.gtvault.com/Default.cfm
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    The Gt1 road car can't get 7's.
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    This is the reason XBOX sucks and the ps2 rules.
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    xbox does suck. the grahics are slightly better than ps2 but its only got 3 or 4 good games. whereas almost every ps2 game is amazing
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    And GT3 is not real.
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    what a day dream..
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    I HATE PORSCHES..piece of shits are v6 and look like eggs.... how are sportscars look like that.... their small and shity... im sorry but they suck
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    Gran turismo is fake.
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    u can't say much
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    those high speeds in gt2 are because there is a glitch in the game that allows you to drive outside of the track sadly there is no such glitch in gt3 the f090s f1 car can do 8.391 second 1/4 mile if you start in second gear
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    i went over 7000kpk in Nfs3 with a downloaded car in reverse BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!
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    Ha ha. It's funny cuz it's true.
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    p.s your a liar. its not possible with the GT1. you can do it with the Escudo and even then you can only get 1400. the front of the car lifts off the ground
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    Moron... Porsches have flat-6 engines(a.k.a. boxers).
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    well its as close as most of us are gonna get
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    So when did Porsche put a V-6 into one of their cars cause I just cant remember it.
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    it is possible to get 1800 sumthin mph in a GT1. there is a code at IGN.com to do it. can ne body explain to me in detail how to get to the glitched areas in ne race track to get an escudo to like 3000 mph
  22. Well with out doing any of that I've had mine up to 400-407 km/h with only 800-880 hp!!

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