430 S - LP560 - GT2 - GT-R: Full Results!

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    Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    Lamborghini LP560-4
    Nissan GT-R (Japan specs, right drive)
    Porsche 997 GT2

    Acceleration Kph (Scud, LP560, GT-R, GT2)
    0-60: 2.01s - 1.81s - 1.89s - 1.82s
    0-100: 3.76s - 3.65s - 3.87s - 3.87s
    0-160: 7.76s - 7.36s - 8.47s - 7.84s
    0-200: 11.64s - 11.09s - 13.15s - 12.04s
    0-240: 17.52s - 16.53s - 20.16s - 18.08s
    ¼ mile - 1 Km:
    Scuderia: 11.65s @ 200.0 Kph - 20.99s @ 254.8 Kph
    LP560: 11.46s @ 203.7 Kph - 20.62s @ 262.7 Kph
    GT-R: 11.94s @ 191.1 Kph - 21.68s @ 246.1 Kph
    GT2: 11.72 @ 196.9 Kph - 21.12s @ 255.4 Kph

    Scuderia doesn’t repeat its fantastic starts (this is the worst 0-100), Lambo wins easly. Quite disappoint about GT2

    Brakes 200-0 Kph
    Scuderia: 136.2m -1.16g
    LP560: 136.1m -1.16g
    GT-R: 139.8m -1.12g
    GT2: 138.8 -1.13g

    1’15”375 - 122.27 Kph - Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    1’15”714 - 121.72 Kph - Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
    1’17”600 - 118.76 Kph - Nissan GT-R
    1’15”528 - 122.07 Kph - Porsche 997 GT2

    record: 1’15”159 - 122.62 Kph - Ferrari 430 Scuderia (Single Test)
    The leap record resist, probably because there’s high temp during the supercomparo

    Quattruote writes about different avg speed: ex. Scuderia 120.3 Kph.
    I thing the length of Vairano still is 2560m, and not 2518m. Strong probably is just an error

    ski-pad (R=55m)
    Scuderia: 1.15g
    LP560: 1.11g
    GT-R: 1.06g
    GT2: 1.15g

    OVERALL (max = 1000 pts)
    1. Scuderia 933
    2. 2. LP560 895
    3. GT2 860
    4. GT-R 728
  2. special thanks to F40 Le Mans <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. I #$%#ing love the LP560 so much

    LP560 > Scud > GT2 > GTR for me
  4. I love them all!
  5. Lambo wins every category except laptime by four tenths and skidpad by four hundredths and still loses the comparo?
  6. Every categories = acceleration amd brakes (just for 0.1m, less than 4 inchs!!)
    lost the wet-condition too
  7. how did the wet condition go (ie procedure, what did the cars have to do) that the LP560 lost?

    anyways, fantastic results for the LP560. the Thrust mode ensures repeatable and consistant results.

    I cant comment on the points scoring since I dont understand italian and dont know what the catagories are. but I can see than interior design and exterior design the lambo won, right?

    thanks for posting.

    disappointed in the GT2's straight line performance.
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    Now I'm busy
    tomorrow translation
    even so, about the road tests by Auto I've posted last week,
    they said teh scuderia is very good when wet: best brakes ever with dry-ice.
    because Scuderia has a new setup choice: CST off but soft spring, good if you want go fast when wet
  9. man that LP is a beast, but yay for the Scud!
  10. Nice showdown. Hats off to Ferrari for doing more with less tire, hp, driven wheels, The LP has the tech and grunt to dominate, just a little more tuning and refinement should let it win all in this group.
  11. I *really* wish Lamborghini would give owners the option to have RWD from the factory. A 50kg loss can do wonders for acceleration, and I'm sure the cars would be just as sharp to drive as this decade's Ferraris without the blunted feel that AWD tends to lend.
  12. Do we know the topspeeds?
  13. mafalda, a full translation would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.
  14. I think AWD helps acceleration more than a drop in 50kgs would in the case of the Lambo. If it were an Elise then id agree.
  15. I'm not so sure that it does, if you look at comparisons with the F430 and 2006+ Gallardo. The Ferrari is lighter, but it's also quite a bit less powerful (and RWD), yet according to the magazines it's slightly faster. All that power in the Gallardo is getting lost somewhere.
  16. from a dig, a proberly launch Gallardo is very capable. also the F430 is something like 100+ kg lighter, not 50.
  17. mafalda, does it say whether or not they used a 1 foot rollout? it appears they have, but I wanted some clearification.
  18. lamborghini pwnage.
  19. I'd happily write the cheque to Nissan.
  20. guess lambo could teach nissan how to make a car that works on the street AND the track instead of neither.
  21. GTR is very impressive.
  22. Quattroruote shows ever the top speed, except for "Club 4 seconds", I don't know why...
    Eveen so, from the previews, we know
    LP560 322 Kph
    GT-R 312 Kph
    From single test
    Scuderia: 320 Kph
  23. I don't understand "1 foot rollout"...
  24. Thanks!

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