430 Scud Spyder? Blasphemy!

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by KRSONe1, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I'm honestly not all that opposed to it. The Scud features several improvements over the F430 that benefit the car on the road, not just on the track.
  2. the scud is styled as a track-focused car. that is the difference.

    not that i care.
  3. You've seen the interior of a Zonda right? All that flash doesn't look to me like a track car. Sure it's awesome, but I wouldn't say it has the exact same orientation as the Scud.
  4. This is like making a spyder version of the Challenge Stradale, or like Lambo/Porsche making a spyder version of the Gallardo SL/RS 911's. The Zonda Roadster is on a whole other level than this and is not a stripped out track day car.
  5. I'd rather they release a 612 roadster or even a 599
  6. the f430 coupe and convertible ought to be updated with some of the improvements from the scuderia. The faster/smoother transmission, and improved aerodynamics should help both cars stay current against the gallardo lp560. But putting the scuds high power engine and other track focused mods into the less rigid, heavier spyder chasis then calling it a scuderia as well only demeans the scuderia brand.
  8. I am sorry to disapoint you but the fact is that Ferraris - even the hardcore ones such as the Scud and the CS drive 99% of the time on the rod and not on tracks.
    I dare to say that the Zonda is as focused as the Scud, it just way more low tech. Different (more simple, less F1-like) means to and end. Like an F40 and a Scud. Same purpose, different technology.

    I have driven both the 430 and tge 430 Spider several times also on the track and you feel no difference. The are equally fast and handles superbly. Thus the Scud Spider might be just as good as the coupe just with "no filter". The perfect car.
  9. "omg what are they thinking"
    they are thinking about how much money it will make them.

    Ferrari is a business, a very good business. its aim isnt to make a bunch of young men have a hard on, its about selling cars...this will sell.
  10. don't like to say it but the Scuderia looks awesome irl.. The Spyder will look good too
  12. Like already noted, the main event of Scud is its transmission, no more the weight reduction. Also like the Zonda, the 430 was destined as a Spider from drawing board, so the weight increase is minimal.

    I see this as an opportunity to add a collectible, a successful in my opinion.

    As for blasphemies, some time ago I would have wished a manual Stradale, a similar sin.
  13. That makes two of us, being a body-and-soul tiffosi...
  14. Granted, there's literally nothing that Ferrari could do that you wouldn't bust a nut for...

    It's not a good attitude to have.
  15. Kind of like the Corvette and most of its fans?
  16. Im starting to like the idea now
  17. I wouldnt approve of a 612 Roadster. I like it the way it is.
  18. you deserve to be banned
  19. wouldnt look good as a conv
  20. Ferrari whores out shit all the time. No suprise.
  21. I tried to warn you
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