430 scuderia

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by gallardo, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. you mean

  2. Hardcore Ferrari V8s are the perfect sportscars.
  3. cough cough hardcore BMW's cough cough
  4. *is
  5. Go see a doctor. Coughing is a retardation symptom.
  6. Your avatar is magnificent.
  7. I love that colour. It's great, though I'd do without the stripes. Stripes on any car look tacky
  8. not bad but the 360CS was way better looking and has the cooler name !
    Why dint they just name it F430 CS ???
  9. ahem, Viper GTS Coupe, Ford GT, Shelby Mustangs, Cobra Daytona Coupes...
  10. I bet it would look hot in yellow.
  11. It does
  12. j0mg, thats like massively leagues better than the F430... mainly cause they fixed the ugly front intakes!
  13. Ditch the strips, then +10
  14. I don't like it
  15. i want this car SO SO SO SO much
  16. doesnt sound as goodd as the Strad
  17. I prefer all of the above without stripes. Stripes cheapen the look of a nice car, and make the car look very blue collar boyracer..
  18. New F430 Scud Mini site on main Ferrari Site. But can't download anything,help....

  19. Vids?
  21. 430 GT sounds way better than this!
  22. sweet jesus i love it. the colour is awesome also.
  23. Surprisingly, I like that coloour on it. The car itself looks amazing though.

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