458, MP3,R8V10, SLS, GT-R, LP-560, GT2 RS

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  2. It's how bad the MP4 performed, we now call it the MP3, like the Mazda Protege MP3.
  3. First no MP3 then I couldnt see a GTR either? Why this thread lie to me?
  4. i like how they didnt test the caterham r500
    too worried it wold rape the ferrari and ferrari wouldnt give them any cars to test ever again
  5. Just imagine if Ferrari built a chassis similar to Caterham.
  6. it would burst into flames all the time, be 5x the price and still not be any faster
  7. There should've been an F1 car, a motorcycle and an Audi R18 in that comparison.
  8. oh yeah lets compare non road legal cars too that will be an awesome comparison
    id like to add in the space shuttle to blitz all these other pos
  9. The space shuttle makes more sense than comparing af Caterham to a Ferrari

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