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  1. What a huge disappointment, seriously.

    Get the TV, the receiver, the PS4 Pro whatever the **** it is, the Netflix UHD, the updated cables (2$) that give more bandwidth for the 60FPS 4.4.4 / 10BIT / UHD / HDR / BT2020 **** me if I know what all this gibberish means

    Then I check the screen and I'm like "oh yeah, I don't see the difference at all"

    I downed a couple beers to digest this tricky situation.

    Hate on.
  2. Am I correct that you probably notice the difference best in HD Blue-ray and photo watching. Everything else is bandwidth limited.
  3. Thats the issue I have with my HDMIs from 2006 I beleive... Netflix wise I have 120Mbps avaialble so 4K does come in easily.

    I dont have Blurays player anymore but I would tend to agree with you on that source
  4. I think your eyes are just broken
  5. They've been Lasik enhanced, so no
  6. Im content with 1080p.
    But I'm a weirdo so what do I know
  7. Unless you sit super close and/or have a properly humongous TV, yeah you're not seeing anything

    And as far as monitors go you run into stupid scaling issues still. Some buttons are super tiny and things aren't sized right
  8. 65" but I sit 10 feet from it
  9. I have a 4k TV in my room. It's a 39" RCA I got from Walmart for 100$. I notice a huge difference between regular Netflix and 4k Netflix.
    And I notice a huge difference when I play PS4 on my 1080p TV to my 4K TV
  10. Really depends on the content. Some is good some really dont matter.
  11. whom should I trust for upscaling, TV or receiver?
  12. [​IMG]
  14. look at the joy your consumerism has bought you

    maybe you should buy some monster cables
  15. I'm stoked about home theatre, not dumb

  16. Not big enough/close enough

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  17. Chart looks wrong.
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  18. Yup
    I usually game on a big potato bag closer to the TV
  19. I looked up this information a while ago whilst trying to figure out how big my next tv should be. i'm using a 32" one at the moment so figured something like 45-49 would be nice. fucking chart said 75" is ideal!
  20. I have 42 inch hd plasma. More than big enough for me.
  21. Lolwut? If I sat 2 feet from a 70" I would have to turn my head to see everything.
  22. or use wide-angle gaming glasses
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  23. My 55" is about 2 meters from the sofa and I would be comfortable if it were 60" as well. As for the resolution, it's a somewhat mediocre 1080p and personally, I would totally appreciate a proper 4k there. But there's a lack of 4k content at the moment (or when I bought my TV), so there's no point paying extra.
  24. Measured my sofa is 3.3m (11 feet) from my 80" screen. So that chart gives 1080p but getting close to 4k need. In my opinion I can easily see pixelation in desktop use, but watching movies this has never bothered me. Curiously 4k projectors have not followed the quick cost decrease of flat screens.
  25. virgin
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