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  1. Most Important Featu
  2. 4k just isn't worth it for TVs. There's little to gain from the extra resolution unless you've got a huge TV and you sit really close. Makes more sense for computer monitors, but again, only if they're huge.
  3. e-penis bragging mostly
  4. 'my shower door is 1/16th of an inch longer than yours'
  5. If we round it we're the same size
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  6. hahah wtf
  7. Are you sure what you notice is actually real display level pixelation vs OS level low DPI stuff? In my experience on desktops that stuff just becomes tiny or stays pixelated because the icon is only 80 pixels big regardless of your screen. Windows 10 is better in this respect, but still poor overall
  8. I used to be like 2.5-3' from a 51 or 52" DLP. Was pretty great. True movie screen proportions at home
  9. And imagine 10 extra inches each side. It would be like front row at the movie theater.
  10. Cant imagine sitting that close to my 65" but at the same time Im 3 feet from my 27" work monitor and its fine
  11. Im not considering less than 34" 21:9 for my next monitor. Waiting the prices to come a bit down.
  12. So yeah my shitty HDMIs from 2007 were the cause of HDR not working.

    Now have HDR10 with HDCP 2.2 running
  13. That's what she said.
  14. didnt i tell you to get the 90$ monster cables
  15. These are shitty AmazonBasics Ghangzhou-made cables
  16. Enjoy your lead poisoning.
  17. *tinfoil hat*

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