4WD Uhh Why?

Discussion in '2002 Acura DN-X Concept' started by DelRey, Aug 9, 2002.

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    also, torque forces on the front tires during half or full throttle turns will make it a little harder to handle, but it won't loose traction as soon as a rear-driver.
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    uhhh cause it's got better handling round corners, better take off, safer car in the wet, get you out of predicaments...>>
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    another disadvantage to concider when looking ta the numerous advantages of the system is the extrem powertrain loss, aprox. 25% as opposed to 18 in a fr auto, 14 in a fr manual, or close to 6 in a ff anything
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    its 4wd cuz it has a mid engine- 3.5L v6 vtec producing 300hp powering the rear wheels, and it has an electric motor at the front producing 100hp powering the front wheels.<!-- Signature -->
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    All wheel drive offers superior traction compared to rear or front wheel drive. It also distributes the engine's torque to twice as many wheels meaning less chance of overpowering the tires. The negatives are extra equipment weight and more parts to break. Don't get me wrong, I love whipping donuts in my Chevy too, but AWD has it's advantages.
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    Sport utility just got sportyer but with the same power
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    i would have prefer it an AWD
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    donkey #$%#in shit eater
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    powertrain losses in a mechanical 4wd are really only 5-10% more than a rwd or fwd box. but what you gain in traction and handling, on a race track for example, more than makes up for what you'd loose in power. anyway, nissans, lamborghinis and some others have a 4wd system that's only on when its needed.

    with electric motors, most of that 100hp would get to the front wheels as they wouldn't need gearboxes or a diff (one motor for each wheel).

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