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Discussion in '1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM' started by RLQ, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Can't beleve this car was sold for 5,000,000!<!-- Signature -->
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    I thought it was $10mil?

    Either price is truly ridiculous!!<!-- Signature -->
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    What are you thinking? Ridiculus? this is an amazing car that every dollar is worth it!
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    that cheap?!
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    one ferrari....10 mclaren f1's....

    i'd take the f1's
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    It says $6,490,000 on main page.
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    It says $6,490,000 on main page.
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    It says $6,490,000 on main page.
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    It says $6,490,000 on main page.
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    Why is it worth that much? Just because it has a racing history?
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    This car must have a lot of sentamental value to the people bidding on it. They are probably old and grew up dreaming about owning one while it won races. Now that they can afford to buy one and its for sale they probably went crazy.

    Mclaren F1 is a car a lot of the younger people dream about now and it will probably get a very hefty price in the future when some of us can afford one and it becomes even more rare.
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    I know...imagine the price of an F1 in 60 yrs! Whew, that's sure to sell for over twice the price of this.
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    I wouldin't give 10k for this peice of shit.
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    I like the car, but I rather buy a home for that price.
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    I repeat my post in an identical thread of the same car:

    If you make a collection (eg stamps) you might like to have an old, very reknown and unique part than to have one or even more fashinated (eg colourful), new and common ones. That deserves some bigger spending. The same applies here.
    Also don't base the price on your wallet. Surely the person who bought that Ferrari don't have any problem of living (not even his children or his grandchildren)or of buying any car.
    Furthermore this is an investment. In a few years time this will cost much more. Exactly the same applies to rare paintings eg Picasso. You pay a fortune for a painting which is not even among the best looking ones in the world but it is a Picasso!!(there are or can be produced much much more beutiful paintings not necessarily by people)
    So it would be very logical for a collector or an investor, with a lot of money, to buy such a car!
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    i was there when it sold. they sold it for 5.9 million. after taxes and all it adds up to 6.5 million
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    ignorance is bliss
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    this car is on sale by me for 6.5m so anyone with the money to buy can call me on 00353 85 7249031. no time wasters please.
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    It's not on sale by you. The car was first bough by an Italian Ferrari race car collector and after 30 years in 2002 it was sold for £6.5 million to an American at an auction and he uses it to drive to work sometimes.
  20. wow that is expensive

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