5 most beautiful machines in your opinion

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  1. wut?
  2. Alfa 8C
    Jaguar E-type
    Burlington RR Zephyrs
    George Washington Bridge

    There are a shitload of space machines that are pretty beautiful. But picking a few out isn't helped by the fact that everything looks cooler in space.
  3. Hey good taste in cars
  4. Pratt and Whitney R-4360

    General characteristics

    * Type: 28-cylinder supercharged air-cooled four-row radial engine
    * Bore: 5.75 in. (146.05 mm)
    * Stroke: 6.00 in. (152.4 mm)
    * Displacement: 4,362.5 in³ (71.49 L)
    * Length: 96.5 in. (2 451 mm)
    * Diameter: 55 in (1397 mm)
    * Dry weight: 3,870 lb (1,755 kg)


    * Valvetrain: Poppet, two valves per cylinder
    * Supercharger: Gear-driven single stage variable speed centrifugal type supercharger
    * Turbocharger: General Electric CHM-2
    * Fuel system: Stromberg four-barrel pressure carburetor
    * Fuel type: 108/135 octane gasoline
    * Cooling system: Air-cooled


    * Power output: 4,300 hp (3,210 kW)
    * Specific power: 0.99 hp/in³ (44.9 kW/L)
    * Compression ratio: 6.7 : 1
    * Power-to-weight ratio: 1.11 hp/lb (1.83 kW/kg)
  5. It seems I'm pretty much the only person that doesn't find the XJ13 particularly beautiful. Looks like it was stepped on.
  6. i don't think it looks good either. not bad by any means though.

    and i'm propably the only person to think the e-type is #$%#ing ugly.
  7. its been a couple years since I've played it, damn fun game though
  8. You sound like my mom, she always complains that supercars look too flat "like pancakes" if I show her one.
  9. That engine is a #$%#ing beast.
  10. Great minds... man
  11. Oh for sure. It's not hideous or anything.

    And I think in coupe form, the E-Type is kinda ugly. But the roadster is nice. Not as nice as most people seem to think it is, but still nice.
  12. Not all supercars/exotics/old race cars, just that one. Looks like a design that was taller, then they just squished it. The Miura, 330P4, GT40, etc are some of my favorite designs of any era and they're certainly low, flat and wide cars.
  13. it looks like a boat on wheels imo.
  14. Personally I think the E-Type Lightweight racing models look worlds better than the road car.
  16. Definitely agree with this. It's what the coupe should've been from the start.
  17. looks better yes, still not a fan though.
  18. 1. Lamborghini Miura SV
    2. Ford GT40 short tail
    3. Ferrari F40
    4. Ferrari 250 GTO
    5. Jaguar XJR9 LM
  19. Terrific looking bike, horribly overused photo editing effect.
  20. you're right. no tricks here though, Dassault Rafale.
  21. I've always liked the Rafale, it's so compact looking.
  22. Yeah, it seems to have been one of the last rifles with a personality. Wood is weird that way, I bought a K31 Swiss and the nicks and carvings all mean something, they add to the value for me. Whereas if I bought a scratched up FN FAL I'd want a discount.

    Maybe I've just been watching too much Full Metal Jacket.

    Also see:
  23. Rolls Royce Phantom I Jonckheere Coupe
    F1 GT
    Leica II
    Leica M4-P

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