5 SICK F50 Videos (old)

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by SupercarFreak, Aug 29, 2004.

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    Some of you might have seen these before. Anyway, it's a young owner driving his topless F50 near a beautiful lake in Nevada.

    After watching these videos again, I've finally been able to decide what my favorite car of all time is.


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  6. yeah i have those too, didn't find them quite as impressive though
  7. that 219 one is awsome. what was the guy filming driving?
  8. f355 berlinetta.
  9. Works fine for me, thanks !
  10. Thanks SCF.
  11. What do you think of the car?

    The 219 vid is the best one by the way.
  12. you can't see my post before this one lol
  13. Great car, I love the sound of the V12 at high revs. I would much rather have an Enzo. I hope you get a chance to build a model of the F50.

    As for the videos, I was hoping for more exterior shots, especially from around the lake. BTW, in the f50_street video, those shots of the brown hills around the green valley remind me of my old home in Yakima, WA. Nice memories.

    Thanks again for the vids.
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    7-minute 30-second video of a red F50. Includes chasing the car through tunnels, interior acceleration runs and exterior drive-bys. Enjoy.

  15. sweet vids. thanks!

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