500HP XLR FOR 2007!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Z06nutSS405, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. Its the price of replacing the hood, its the same reason that the clamshell hood didnt make it to the C5 Corvette.

    For image reasons Cadillac would want to use the Northstar engine becuase its DOHC and has VVT. Most people feel that in this class it needs to have that for advertising reasons alone.

    And SSa rm, first off there is no 2005 Z06 Corvette, the 2005 comes in base and Z51 forms which gives you better rubber, stiffer suspension, and a more aggresive tranmission along with better brakes. The C6 Z06 from any information avaible says it will pack around 500BHP and be around or even below 3,000 pounds.

    Blue devil/supervette which ever term you wish to use is still unknown if it will be built. And very little is known about what the motor will be like and how it will be packaged.
  2. No you are the same dumbass fanboys who when the C3 was new were talking about how the C4 would be mid engined with a quad rotor.
  3. quiet you nazi. Also quit spamming my threads. Notice how much smaller of a person you are than me because I dont go to all of your threads and call you something.
  4. 2005 was a typo...look at my next post, which was reposted...

    I know more about the corvette and history of the corvette than almost everyone on this site, with the exception of a few. Sorry if I don't viciously believe in every rumor I here.

    By the way, Chevy already made a Supervette C5, and they were hardly sold.
  5. I believe almost known of the romurs about the C6 Z06 or bluedevil.

    And I am sorry to say but they never made a production C5 supervette.
  6. They sold it for around $120,000, it had an all aluminum 427 race block and it had louvered hood and side panels. It was basically a homogolation of the C5-R. Look it up.
  7. about 2 or 3 people bought it...it was a one-off from the race car. the one I saw pictures of was silver. Look it up..

    ..I'm sure someone else will support me here
  8. That isnt a production Corvette, note the term production was used. As far homogolation, they allow for displacement changes on the cars so the C5 did that.
  9. he used the term production after the fact i mentioned this wasn't the first supervette produced

    I never used the term production.
  10. do you know ghe name of this car?
  11. Tigershark?
  12. Come on guys, you don't remember? It was silver and had louvres on the hood and side panels. it had a 427 block in it. There were like 3 or 4 pictures of it.
  13. I think I do remember that but it realy wasn't "production". Someone needs to find the pics of that car.
  14. I said "And I am sorry to say but they never made a production C5 supervette".

    You bring up a one off C5R street version that I already knew about which is why I called you on it. They never made a production supervette for the 5th generation Corvette.
  15. I never said it was production. All I said was it wasn't the first time Chevrolet sold a super vette to the public...they never produced they only made 2 or 3 one-offs. I was searchin and I couldn't find any pictures...I used to have them on my old computer though. If you find any, please post them. I knew you would remember Chris.
  16. I said production in my reply, you may have never read that part but in my questioning. 2 or 3 doesnt count as production, they never planned it and from what I know it didnt even come from GM but was done but an outside company.
  17. I never used the word production. They never made a production supervette. they did make a supervette. I'm leaving, talk to you guys tomorrow morning. hopefully someone will find those pictures.
  18. No one is denying the cars existance, but where they were made and if they were production in which I said in the first place is at issue.

    And the homogolation excuse was also complete BS as well.
  19. They were never produced. They exist as one-offs. End.

    Someone find those goddamn pictures.
  20. It's the Tigershark.
  21. First one is the Whiteshark, second one is the Tigershark, I think both were auctioned off. The concept theme was that they were supposed to be Viper slayers, but nothing close ever made production.
  22. One Tigar shark one qouted to make over 800BHP at over 8,000rpms which is still in the hands of GM said that the idea of the car was you can turn your C5 into it. With parts off the shelf you can build a tigarshark.
  23. Parts off the shelf cost money though, and using them requires you to know what you're doing, not really an option for everyman.

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