500HP XLR FOR 2007!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Z06nutSS405, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. The Tigershark and Whiteshark aren't it. I can't believe you guys don't know about this car.

    Its a silver c5, which looks like a regular body c5 except it has vented/louvered hood and side panels. It has a 427 under the hood, the c5r engine. How could you guys not know this?
  2. because....I dont know why. If there isnt any info on it, you cant come up with a name, and there are no pics...thats why.
  3. two of the nicest corvettes ever.
  4. Agree with you Mechanical Arts.The solution for having a brutal and extremely fast corvette is to give it to lingenfelter.It costs money but the result is impressive.
  5. I would go to Callaway.
  6. Actualy to tell you the truth, I've only heard about the car, I've never actualy seen the pics of it.
  7. ive seen pics of it, it was a venture to offer people road going C5R's.
  8. I havnt heard of it or seen it.
  9. Its just a C5 with a C5R hood, side exhuast and a 427 under the hood from what I know about it. Mods that you can do to your own C5.
  10. interesting. It sounds great. I still want to see pics and specs. Maybe that would be what the supervette would be for the C6 and C6-R.
  11. If you are a true enthusiast you can work on your car. Also the new Z06 is slated to have between 500-550hp as Bob Lutz said so himself. All out of an "OLD TECH" pushrod smallblock.
  12. Why are you saying this to me? By the way, Pushrods are newer technology than overhead cams.
  13. It wasn't directed to you. I was just saying if you are a true enthusiast you would be able to change your own oil or filter or even minor modes. I rebuilt my entire engine ground up.
  14. I doubt it really it was nothing special at all, 500BHP 427 dont even think its any lighter. Just get a LPS 427 Z06 and put on a C5R replica hood and you got what I saw.
  15. My point is that not everyone who wants a fast car wants to know how to build a fast car, or put the time into it. I do, I would want to do as much of my own work as possible on it, but the majority of people would rather pay someone else to do it.
  16. a lot of enthusiasts either dont have the know-how or the resources to do all of that. making you a big-headed jackass like most of the others around here for suggesting that true enthusiasts do general maintenance by themselves.
  17. well if you are TRUE...

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