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  1. That's ridiculous! This car must abolutley scare the shit out of its pilot.
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    Not if you were 'Balls of Steel' Brend Rosemeyer
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    ur signature is false, a chevy doesnt beet a ferrari
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    please if your going to post dont talk about vegtables
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    it is indeed one of the best ways to end your life in the most spectacular way. then again Rosemeyer was a legend in his own lifetime. rightly so. and the power isnt the issue, the bhp/ton is.
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    The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 does beat a Ferrari 360 Modena and stats prove this but it does not beat a Ferrari 575M Maranello. The 575M will lose the 0-60 but it will beat the Z06 afterwards after the glorious V12 gets in its groove. Also a Corvette Z06 will not handle like a Ferrari, nothing handles like a Ferrari nor sounds like one. Ferrari is the peak of performance and keeps the pureness of driving by not letting anything safety or conveinence oriented get in the way of performance. For Ferrari performance comes first!

    Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    0-60: 3.9
    0-100: 9.5
    1/4 mile: 12.5 @ 115 mph
    Top speed: 171 mph
    Skidpad: 0.99g
    Slalom: 70.3 mph
    Braking 60-0: 104 ft

    Ferrari 360 Modena
    0-60: 4.2
    0-100: 10.2
    1/4 mile: 12.8 @ 112.5 mph
    Top speed: 189 mph
    Skidpad: 0.96g
    Slalom: 67.4 mph
    Braking 60-0: 110 ft

    Ferrari 575M Maranello
    0-60: 4.2
    0-100: 9.5
    1/4 mile: 12.2 @ 118 mph
    Top speed: 202 mph
    Skidpad: 0.90g
    Slalom: 65.3 mph
    Braking 60-0: 115 ft

    To get back on the topic, the Auto Union Type C is a marvel of engineering and would be so scarey fun to drive. Can you imagine topping out at 195 mph exposed to the elements? That would be an incredible experience!!!

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