55 MPG?

Discussion in '2001 BMW 745h Concept' started by RLQ, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Would that be right?<!-- Signature -->
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    Why wouldn't it be right? It runs on hydrogen<!-- Signature -->
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    not paying for gas would be sweet!<!-- Signature -->
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    What car has the most MPG lately, or even in the Drawings.<!-- Signature -->
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    im not sure whether this car gives good mileage, but it gives 0 emmisions (only water) mileage should be quite good too as hydrogen combusts quite like diesel, allowing for high compression ratios(much higher than diesel comp. ratios, upto 75:1!) and giving good mileage
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    This is definately the direction that the majority of cars should be heading; increased mileage and lower emissions without sacrificing performance and comfort.
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    problem with having these cars today is there are only 4 hydrogen stations that pubically sell hydrogen in the world, BMW probrabally gave this thing so many mpg and so little hp to save fuel. If this thing has a standard 7 fuel tank, approx 25 gallons?, it could go about 1375 miles on one tank
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    Without sacrificing performance? Its like 180 something hp!!! I really cant imagine a supercar with Hydrogen aspirated engines! Maybe in the future, like a looooooong time!

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