575M vs Ford GT

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  1. The GT would win in the 0-60 catagory but in top speed the 575M would win The GT would win in the wieght catagory. What do you think?

    0-60 GT=3.9sec 575M=4.1
    Top speed GT=190mph 575M=202mph
    Weight GT=less than ferrari 360 575M=3815
    HP GT=500hp 575M=512hp
    torque GT=500 lbft 575M=434 lbft
    quarter mile [email protected] [email protected]
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    GT. Looks cooler and has a reputation for beating FERRARI.

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    575M vs Ford GT

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    I second that!!!

    The Ford GT would surely beat the 575 on a track

    I am actually disappointed that they used a Supercharger to get 500 hp out of it. It would have been sweet if they used the 7 Liter V8 instead of the 5.4 Liter Supercharged engine.

    But I am also happy in a way that they aren't trying to make a car better than a GT-40. The GT-40 spanked Ferrari back in the 60's and if Ford had the motivation to do so, they could do it today if they wanted to.

    I was just reading Automobile magazine and the cover story is "Ford and Ferrari go at it again, and Lamborghini crashes the party". Its a great line. They reviewed a Ford GT, 360 Modena and a Gallardo.

    If the Gallardo is 360-killer, than the Ford GT is a Gallardo-killer.
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    575M all the way!!!!
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    track = 575m aero + balanced weight.
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    ford gt for performance
    ferrar maranello for looks
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    Ford GT has a mid-engine (MR), almost the same HP and it will be lighter ! (much better weight distribution)

    Its better in all ways, of course !
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    This is why people shouldn't start talking about vs. situations before a car is released. The GT is now hitting a 0 - 60 in 3.3, and a 1/4 in 11.6, and has an official top speed of 205, but magazines have reported that 212 was hit. Numbers aren't everything, but that's a big difference, besides, I don't think the handling is utter crap or anything
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    evan this ford will have no chance against this italian cavalo (horse). But the gt definatly fuffilled its purpose; to eat the ferrari 360 modena.
  12. Top Gear gave out it's times for all the cars its tested on the same track track and you might find them interesting,

    Ford GT= 1 min 21.9 secs
    Lambo Murcielago= 1 min 23.7 secs
    Lambo Gallardo= 1 min 25.9 secs
    Lotus Elise= 1 min 34.9 secs (this car has less then 200hp)
    Ferrari 575= 1 min 35.2 secs

    Of course the Enzo beat them all with 1 min 19 secs, but you can be surprised how fast some cars really are

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