575M vs Murceliago

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello' started by Arcanjo, Aug 9, 2002.

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    As people have already said, it all goes down to personal preferences. I prefer the Murciélago, but I must admit that Ferrari has made one excellent GT, probably one of the best ever.<!-- Signature -->
  2. People mentioned previously that the 550 Maranello was no competition to the Lamborghini Diablo or the new Murceliago. It was true as well, both cars outperformed this car in nearly every aspect whether in speed, acceleration or just torque. This changes a bit now, with the introduction of this car. Now there is competition from Ferrari at last. Although the horsepower is still a bit lower, nevertheless, the acceleration i'm sure, will be capable of matching that of a Murceliago possibly if some weight is taken off and, I'm sure some driver will lower the 0-60 time of 4.1 down to 3.8 because with the torque this car provides, i believe it is quite capable of actually doing so. Top speed at 202 mph is not that far off from that of a Murceliago so these cars are practically identical in many ways. The Murceliago also sells for more. Now I think the Murceliago is a great car but I'd take this car over that one personally because of my interest with the Maranello more. That car however, clearly has one of the best drivetrain systems ever executed in a car. A middle engine, 4-Wheel drive drivetrain system is quite possibly the best way of going around making cars as compared to this cars FR drivetrain, which i think is good to some extent. Personally, i would like to see the Maranello adapt a drivetrain like that of a Modena:
    The middle engine, rear wheel drive system.
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    i agree with you in almost every aspect except for i would rather the lambo, but as you said it really has to do with what your preference was<!-- Signature -->
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    cant wait for the competition to begin<!-- Signature -->
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    It IS all about preferences. i am in mad love with this car. i still think that the lambo would take it out though. i want to see competition now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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