'58 Ferrari body with Corvette drivetrain??

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    I'm redoing some things on my '72 and I swung by a friend's garage to ask him the best way to grind the Edelbrock off of aluminum engine covers. This guy is an old time racer who's stories you wouldn't believe if he didn't have the pics, cars, and knowledge to back them up. Really a cool guy. He always has a few cars behind his garage that I always assume are customer's or parts cars.

    Well, this time I noticed that one of them was uncovered and I could tell it was a reproduction body of an old race car. There was a cool story as to how he ended up with it, but long story short is that it is a '58 250 Testa Rossa that was popped out of a mold made from an original car and it's for sale.

    I'm not really looking for another project so I didn't ask about the price, but then I got to thinking about it. It was sitting perfectly on a C3 Corvette chassis, so that was an easy enough starting point. I've found a source for some decently priced C5/6 chassis lately, and a friend of mine has become an expert at building frames and narrowing the late model Corvette suspension to fit under just about anything. I could top the LS motor with this: http://www.mastmotorsports.com/2010/news-view.php?id=60 to give it more of a classic look and relocate the coil paks so you could not see them. No AC, no power steering, no radio......should be pretty simple.

    Ferrari red and build the frame to accept classic styled, deeper dish wheels. Maybe wire or vintage Cobra style. I think it would be pretty cool.

    I'll take a pic of the body and ask him how much when I pick up my covers Monday. I think the windscreen would probably be the hardest thing for me to build. Cool idea or no?

    I'd model the outside of mine to match the red one in the pics.

  2. its called a kit car
  3. does this post have a point?

    I would like to see you build this man.
  4. do it up. if you need some logistics/design help I may be able to offer some. I know a couple folk with actual testerossas if you ever decide to build one proper.
  5. May need some or at least ideas. Would like to keep the overall appearance and interior as close to original as is practical.
  6. Yes please.
  7. no
  8. Awesome, do it
  9. dont give him the stick.
  11. finish a project
  12. he did. his corvette is awesome.
  13. Great idea ! Who cares if it is a "kit car".
  14. do you know my dad?
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  16. totally forgot about that corvette, lol. Sorry!
  17. I say go for it, who cares what other people thinks.

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