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  1. #$%# me, it is truly a very very very good car.

    Plus, it's funny reading all these comments of the denyers.
  2. i dont care what it performs like, its the ugliest ferrari ever imo
  3. Holy shit!

    31,2 m for a 100-0 stop. That is insane stopping power! It is the best figures for braking I have ever seen.

    This car is a comfortable GT with pure supercar performance
  4. The car is insanely quick and I hope it's legit, but you just have to look at the recent F430 and Gallardo tests to realize that the Enzo/CGT test is not comparable to anything done recently. At least on the track, the straight line performance still has me reeling.
  5. I feel sorry for you since you have not seen the 599 IRL. Belive me it will change your opinion.
  6. Pics add!!
    see the 1st post!
  7. First learn who is who, then talk.
  8. This all sounds too good to be true, must be something about those tires with acceleration and braking like that. Tires improve everything.
  9. Thanks !
    Strange, they compare lap time only to the cars they tested lately, no word on the table about Enzo and CGT... maybe this is within the article.
    Also, I don't get exactly how it can outperform the Enzo with less power and more weight from a pure acceleration point of view (as far as lap time is concerned, chassis, electronics, ... many things could explain...). Any comment about that from the author/tester ?
  10. Mafalda , what did they say about it ? Apart the numbers , did they say they are impressed ??
  11. 0-200kmph in 10.4? Holy mother#$%#.
  12. Thanks for uploading the scans Mafalda!
  13. fantastic car
  14. those times are amazing
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    They compare it against Enzo and CGT in the article, exspacially about straight.
    That table is about the latest super-comparo
  16. Yeah, this car is a nice transition from the Maranello, I can't really say the same about the F430 though.
  17. They're really impressed!! They say:
    damn fast (acceleration best value: 5 gold stars!)
    spectacular engine, from 1500 rpm with 6th gear to more than 8000rpm
    Great handling
    incredibly comfort suspension
    Abitability and A/C
    Perfect steer
    Perfect Brakes
    The best paddle-shift gear
    Good luggage van (with the exspensive luggage-set...)

    No lateral airbags (??)
    noise: engine and tires
    Expensive: 221.000€ + 15.000€ composite brakes + luggage set ext ext
  18. The F430 is equally impressive, if not more.
  19. Rockaforte is not Mr Mendes?
  20. don't care about him
  21. Of course he is. But he isn't "a filthy Spaniard".
  22. yes hes Portugese
  23. Stop going that way.
  24. To bad it's fugly.

  25. Mafalda,

    These new Pirellis - are they standard on the 599?

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