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  1. All day Ive been waiting for a dedicated thread for the new Canon.

    Now we can record a whole Nordschleife lap in HD. Which is nice.
  2. Wait no longer. If you're lucky, it will turn in to 10 pages of people who've never used seen or touched it arguing about how good or bad it is.
  3. we've been discussing it already on another thread for a while
  4. True. How about we use this thread for links on actual photos and footage done with it?

    Dpreview had some, user material will have to wait for a couple of weeks I think?
  5. Water resistance: 10 mm rain in 3 minutes

    I wonder how that looks irl...
  6. yah, but what are you gunna do?

    Search function FTW.
  7. Normal/heavy rain
  8. yeah, but what is normal/heavy <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> why don't they waterproof these things to a couple metres..
  9. lizardmech seyz that under an electron microscope a photo from a Nikon will be sharper. Though he can't explain why Nikon's appear noisier to humans.
  10. its not a #$%#ing watch. why would you submerge your camera?

    it can probably resist water when its not under pressure, but when you submerge something, the water around it is pressurized, this is why watches can only go so far under water.
  11. Because it would look something like this
  12. and most watches don't have pressable buttons very deep. The real trick is sealing buttons against water pressure. Note that many underwater camera housings cost more than the cameras they house.
  13. My camera phone is more water resistant than that.
  14. yep, I was going to mention that but i wasnt going to bore everyone. thanks for that
  15. there are so many detachable parts there would be a huge realiance on seals and o-rings. If one of those fails and it was used properly, which is a high probablilty, the manufacturer is at fault and therefore the sale is a loss
  16. Why don't they just have a casing around the camera with thickish rubber coverings that go over the button, and seal on the other side of the casing? Viola.
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    That's pretty much what weather proof means on a camera. As others have stated, it's a matter of pressure if you submerge the camera. The kind of weatherproofing these cameras receive is more than enough to cover a rainy news conference or a battle in Iraq. No reasonable person expects to take a camera like this underwater without an underwater case.

    This is a cheap waterproof Canon film camera.

    Those water proof cases for the DSLRs cost in the $1500 - $3500 range.
  18. Not to mention lighting needed for underwater...

    Also I wouldn't use mine in rain... a claim is not enough. Id use a good umbrella.
  19. Couple of things. First, to have something like that work, you'd need waterproof seals between the rubber that's covering most of the camera and whatever clear cover you have over the lens. Second, with SLRs, you'd need a different rubber covering for each lens (different size and shape). Third, they have to be somewhat rigid, as any air between the covering and the buttons will compress and lead to the possibility of the buttons being pressed by the water pressure.

    I rarely shoot underwater, but some of the guys I know do, and their camera rigs are in the 10,000 dollar range, most of if going to the housing and the strobes.
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  21. I'm getting one the day it's out. About time I replaced my 300D.
  22. considering it now, wonder how tightly sealed the frame actually is. only worry I can see so far is the slightly old AF mechanism, other than that it seems very appealing.
  23. I want it, badly. When is it actually supposed to be available to the public?
  24. probably by the holidays, maybe sooner

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