5th Gear MP4 vs 458

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  1. Kia and Hyundai are probably making some of the most striking, interesting designs in the industry right now, actually.

    A Ferrari is always going to look like a crazy Ferrari, but to see a company making large volume cars taking some of the chances that the Koreans currently are is pretty cool.
  2. What do you mean by 2002 design? I think the BMW 2002 looks pretty cool, but it doesn't look anything like the MP4-12C. If you mean the year 2002, that's when the Enzo came out, are you saying it's a bad year for design because of that?
  3. Nah.
  4. Nah. I'd take it over the 458 for this reason:
  5. exactlly, IMO, Kia-Hyundai are making the most intersting designs along with Ford these days.
    and Kia are raising the expectation in terms of their design, unlike ferrari, sadly.
  6. I'd take the Ferrari. The McLaren just looks a bit generic.
  7. i would take the ferrari as well, but at least i base it not on fanboyism.
  8. in this comparo I'd take the 458 and probably slam into a tree grinning like a mother#$%#er the whole time. But thats just because I'm asian and cant drive.
  9. I'd take the McLaren. Mainly because I'm not a twat
  10. Don't you have a lazy eye too?
  11. Yeah Kias and Hyundais are awesome
  12. Ok, sorry. Mu bad. They aslo stole 800 pages of secret, technical documentation from Mclaren a few years ago. Italians bastards.
  13. the laziest.
  14. The MP4 is the more capable car. But 458 for the looks.
  15. both are very serious cars, which is good for someone who drives them in track aiming for lap time, give me somthing can put smile and big grin on ur face (Gallardo Balboni or SLS)
  16. How is the McL more capable? It's handling is worse and it's slower.
  17. I agree. The big smile is what matters. 458 is the answer (belive me, I have driven it 5-6 times)
  18. You can have an R/C version. Cool. I'll take this one then.
  19. when it comes to big smiles driving cars of this nature the older models are 20 times what the current ones are.
  20. If you smile 20 times more when driving a 348 compared to driving a 458 all I can say is lucky you! And I always said that you are a different guy. I have no problem with that but strange it is.
  21. I consider the 348 a conventional car.

    I'm talking about the stuff from the 60's and 70's. throw me in a Dino and the grin on my face will be twice the size of what it would be in a 458.
  22. I drove a mint condition Dino 246 GT (Gialoo Modena with Borrani wheels - a looker!) 1-2 months ago. I loved it. A very charming car and not a slow as I expected.But saying it's more fun than a 458 makes no sense to me. It's different. Not better.
  23. IMO a 246 GT is much more fun than a 458. it just has so much more character. you're also much more involved with everything.
  24. Which one is the best?

    Vintage Amarone 1984
    Icecold energy drink

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