5th Gear MP4 vs 458

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  1. I severely dislike energy drinks.
  2. Both cars are fast enough to have enormous amounts of fun.
  3. Ferrari fans are a bunch of blubbering vaginas.
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    and still the 458 is seriuos car compared to the SLS and the gallardo.

    EDIT: i prefer this type of fun...
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    THAT is an awesome car! (You got it -sportscars have Italien names)

    Just an older generation than the 458 and I am not a fan of 4WD sportscars
  6. is 458 italia an italian name?
  7. Just the fact that you'd make that comparison gives a good idea of your mindset.
  8. You're just jealous that no Ferrari will be cooler than the F1.
  9. pronto
  10. the mclaren is around 3 seconds faster than the 458 at top gear.
  11. Please explain
  12. PS. British GP 2011, Red Bull team radio: "Mark maintain the gap"
  13. here it is .. faster than veyron, faster than all street legal ferraris, lambo, paganis ,ksegg, gumbert and porsches at top gear track.
  14. still can't best that supercar on top of the list
  15. The fact that you'd use a fine wine and an energy drink as an example of "equal but different" and you'd prefer the energy drink.
  16. Impressive indeed, but it's still just another lap time for Agera to obliterate.
  17. What do have to say now Sportscars have Italian names pronto?
  18. Jesus Christ, what happened to you regular account, and why did you return with a SECOND account. It's against forum guidelines, you know. If you were a less annoying member, you might be able to get away with it...
  19. The other account got banned for some reason
  20. It's because you're an asshat.
  21. Ferraris are sports cars, McLarens are SUPERCARS
  22. I thought Ferraris were SUVs?
  24. owned

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